Please let us convert AOE 1 DE scenarios into ROR scenarios

As the title says, it would be great, if the devs provide us with the possibility to open AOE 1 DE scenario files with the ROR editor. This would let us port all the AOE 1 DE and even all the original AOE 1 custom scenario and campaign content (because we can save AOE 1 scenarios as AOE 1 DE files) into ROR.

That would boost the available content for ROR in the Mod section and currently there sadly isn’t a lot of content.


Hmm this might be something that could be added for the scenario parser library.


The scenario parser library? Sounds interesting, I never heard of it, would it be a lot of work to implement such an converting option or is it rather simple?

You’d have to get the OG AoE1 format, which is almost the same as the OG/HD AoE2.

I don’t think is that hard, because agescx and trigger studio already implement the AoE2 scenario format. I suppose SiegeEngineers already know the format of Age1DE, because they have managed to extract scenario files from the campaigns. OG AoE1 also has it’s format decodified, now that I think of it. However, adding the data for each type of unit/tech/terrain… even though it’s easy, takes a looooooot of time

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Yeah all of the formats should be known for scenarios. The work is likely in transforming one decoded format to the other, and in getting Aoe2 AI scripts that behave like the corresponding Aoe1 ones.


Are you members of the team from the scenario parser library? Is it likely, that this gets implemented or in other words: Do you think it’s worth the work for the team? Imo it would make a ton of content available for ROR - there’s so much content on “AOE heaven” for the original AOE 1 and AOE 1 DE. Also the AOE 1 DE scenarios from the official mod section.

No. I have used it, though.

It’s a lot of work. Like, a lot

Very sad, that it looks like, it’s not going to happen :frowning: Would have provided a lot of content for ROR!

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So, it seems you can convert AoE2 DE scenarios to Return of Rome and viceversa.
Now that I remember, wasn’t a tutorial to actually convert Rise of Rome to Return of Rome scenarios? Like, in these forums.

I ported an AoE 1 DE scenario to AoE 2 TC (yes, 1999 TC) once, with hex editing, too, so someone with time can do it.