Please let us use the old graphics

You just have to update some units and buildings from the swedes and incas so please let us play on the old graphics! I have a rtx 2080, i7 8700k and 16gb ram, so I’m not complaining about the graphics being to high for my pc. I really dislike the new models, you can really hardly differentiate certain units and the buildings only look kinda good when you’re close up. I love to see you work on a game with such a small community, but I still think, the new graphics are worse in pretty much every point. I know, I probably can’t do anything with my post about this, because there are obviously many other more important problems with the de, but I still thank you for reading trough this. Hope you guys are keeping up the work on DE, because the game has immense potential!


I second!!! The graphics are a little too much in DE to see things properly.

no need to necro a 2 and a half year old thread, if you feel something is needed then pleas post a new topic about it :slight_smile:

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