Please make English Langbows capability to make palings more relevant

Good evening :slight_smile:

I remember a video which presented English Longbows.

They said that the palings can change the outcome of the battle.

I love the special capabilities of them.

General all units should have a special capability.

Unfortunately the palings are weak and therefore rarely used. I tried them but they never changed the outcome of the battle. In fact it wasn’t a big obstacle for cavalry.

Please make this stronger so that cool capability is more often used.

Besides please add special capabilities for existing and new units.

Kind regards

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Maybe it’s a sign that that technology didn’t get a real-world demonstration. I honestly can’t imagine a person carrying around large sharpened sticks and being able to deploy them mid-charge in any effective way IRL. You’d need a good 10-20 minutes at least to dig them into the ground. What about on winter maps? It’s just fantasy at this point.

I believe they would have been strategically setup before a battle, not mid-combat. And then obviously they wouldn’t just disappear when you take 1 step away from them. I think that makes them almost useless. If you deploy the paling in the field I feel it makes the longbow weaker because they now have to stand still and maybe take a hit from a mangonel or give melee infantry a chance to catch up to them. All for the advantage of delaying the horse by 1 second, and still resulting in a dangerous position.

I’ve only seen someone effectively use them in the N4C tournament. They set them up in stealth forest and baited some cavalry into the forest.

I think it is well balanced. But should never be a counter to cav alone. It does damage cav and buys a lot of time to retreat.

well balanced? no one use this, because it takes too much time to build it and if you move just a little bit, its gone. It should still stay a certain time after someone attacks, so maybe you can still escape.

At the moment its just a useless option.

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Yes they must make it stronger. Otherwise no one use it.

I think the perfect thing is to let them stay in place and every longbow man can place only 1 , you prepare the battlefield before the battle by placing them at good positions