Please make karambits, step lancers, organ Guns, flamming camels a bit more viable

I just enjoy seeing lot’s of different strategys in the game and I think that this units as they stand have little to no incentive to be used.

I’d like to see some strategies with this unites be a bit viable

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Survivalist has played a lot with Karambits, beating 2k1 2k2 players on arabia. If it works against top 99.9% players, I don’t think they are as bad as you say

Likewise, organ guns can be very strong in 1-dim pushes, castle drop with portugese is viable on arena at the high level

Steppe lancers are really bad I agree, and flaming camels are a meme (still can’t believe that wasn’t just an April’s fools joke)


Don’t you mean if it works against the top 1%?

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flame camles is meme unit .should neverbe strong

just buff steppe lancers

i meant top 0.1% players of course (not top 1% players, which is much lower)