Please make that vills can build like in aoe4 instantly and not walking to specific places of the building

many times we just dont know where the vills is going to hammer to build, it could be near the enemy or in a opposite corner of the other build, and it takes many time to reach there to start helping building. Please simplify this so vills can build next to each other. Respect the maximun vills per building too.
And show the time it takes to build on IU like in aoe4


Absolutely needed QOL change, there is certainly no need for the villager to go to a specific spot to build. It only adds unnecessary unpredictability.


Hi guys!

Thank you for your suggestion with the villagers that look for an available spot to build. Our team loved it!

We are now tracking this issue ヾ(^∇^)


Walking villagers on mills (I don’t recall also if they do on more buildings) could be leveled to be the same with the same gather rates on all cultures.

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That would be great, it is super inconsistent and unintuitive the way it is now. I believe they walk and idle slightly on mills and plantations but not rice paddies and farms. It would be nice if they’d visually move around on all but still be constantly gathering.