Please nerf or delete scout torch

Fire lancer same…
Fire lancer or scouts focus landmarks then game over.


On 4v4 maps this is indeed an issue. 1 player can single handily win the game if you and your mates are fighting the other 3 players around your base.

At the moment you are able to react at least 1, probably 2 players are out of the game already.

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There are 86 scouts in the picture, they defeated us all with one attack.

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Scouts in this amount are unstoppable.

They could give landmarks some torch armor, fixed.

Havent seen scouts, but 4v4s usually revolve around who masses fire lancers first and destroy other’s landmarks in seconds. It really ruins the 4v4 experience.
No matter how much you wall, even if you wall the landmarks as well, they will find a gap eventually or bring a couple of cannons for a gap in the wall at some point on the map. You always have to be ready with some serious army at home for some fire lancers to come in. People don’t give a damn about objectives, about map control, map push etc, they just focus to snipe your landmarks with fire lancers. It’s ridiculous, awful experience.

Somebody suggested that in team games the win condition should be to destroy ALL players landmarks in order to eleminate one player. Think this would be fair and if they can kill all your teams landmarks before you react… well… than its not mechanic which is the problem.


This is good idea. (20 character)