Please no Loot Boxes or Microtransactions

I want to think this goes without saying but I must say this to be sure especially after some recent re-releases and updates did this: Please do not put micro-transactions or Loot Boxes in Age of Empires, any of them at all. Each game in this series should just be a single game, maybe with expansion packs for the new ones, but please make them single purchases, don’t nickle and dime us and turn this into another soulless “Live Service”

On that note, please no online check-ins for single player, I know the current versions don’t but please don’t be tempted to do with later games.

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There won’t be microtransactions


I wish I could be certain, but the way the industry keeps sneaking them into games or adding them in post launch after saying they won’t you understand my paranoia. The industry as a whole has exhausted whatever trust they have so I’m sorry I have to be one of those guys who brings it up but that’s just how things are now.

I would not buy these games if they had microtransactions. I can’t stand those kinds of games.

I can see them being fair for some RPG games, but definitely not RTS.

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I’m actually speechless. How are they going to put micro-transactions or loot boxes in AOE even if they want to?

Easily, tied to a progression system that gives you better units, abilities or gear in the game. Relic has done this with their latest titles Company of Heroes 2 and Dawn of War 3. However, whether it’s pay to unlock or forced grind, I highly doubt Microsoft would allow such malignant progression system in a true AoE title.

They could also go with the less damaging approach, which is cosmetic only mtx, like Starcraft 2. However, considering Starcraft 2 has adopted this method only since it became free-to-play, I expect no micro-transactions of any kind in Age of Empires 4.

That can only happen in AOE4, not all the games…

Hopefully it never happens, but they put micro-transactions in the old game Crash Team Racing… so literally anything could have micro-transactions.

Here’s a list of micro-transactions that they could add if they wanted to be evil.

Resource pact 1. Start with double resource. Resource pact 2. Start with triple resource. Blacksmith pact, includes upgrades to units amour and damage. HP Bonus, more health for units. Civilizations that can only be unlocked by random chance using lootboxes.

And… I could go on.

This is great news, though to me it seems like one of those obvious “not really needed to be said” sort of things. Ya never know these days though :slight_smile:. Thanks for clearing that up.