Please no tower rush

U dont have to reduce damage dealt by towers only how fast they can be taken down if this feels too OP. In ur base it will be harder to get close to defensive tower than if this tower is in the middle of enemy base. If u build failed towers and they get taken down easily i dont see how that is OP game breaking mechanic. Game breaking mechanic is to force to only build around ur starting TC. Thats boring and would kill the game.

I would personally like some kind of granary system where all resources are stored. And when something needs to be built u need time to get resources from granary to new building foundation. this way u cant randomly drop castes in the middle of enemy base. U need to bring resources there 1st which can be cut off by enemy. Well u got my point

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and this is a good way to nerf the tower rushing, you either nerf them by lowering it’s hp in certain age where they can be abused to hell or longer building time for this certain age, and also the defensive value of tower in aoe2 doesn’t matter in feudal age since there is a zero reason to build tower aside from scaring archers.

probably the solution for it is to make the enemy towers build a bit longer in your base compared to anywhere else, but it’s too early to tell since who knows tower rushing might not be a thing in aoe4 or it will be horribly weak

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the real interesting thing is how to balance some kind of stone wall in enemy base with archers on top of it without hard restrictions where to build stone walls. I already see a nice strat to start building stone wall just a little outside enemy base and slowly build it inside their base. So archers can keep advancing inside enemy city

I would keep the freedom if building anywhere as in AoE II, but with a caveat:

  • Some defensive structures need to be relatively close a TC. You can still tower rush and build anywhere, but you need to invest more resources in building and defending an additional structure. Basically, TCs enable a construction ring around them.
  • Some structures shouldn’t be restricted by this, such as lumber/mining camps, mills, walls.

You can justify the realism of this as towers, castles, etc. need upkeep, food, water, etc, so they can’t be in the middle of nowhere or right next to an enemy base.


if i would have to pick

  1. build anything anywhere
  2. only build things near ur TC

I would for sure pick option number 1. Much more fun game that way.
Maybe thats why in my eyes (AOE2 > AOE3). But ofc not just that

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To clarify my post, you wouldn’t be limited to only an area around your initial TC. If you want to build something far away from your starting point, simply build another TC first and then tower rush at will. But now you will have to think twice before spending that extra stone and also defend your new TC. If the new TC is destroyed, the towers either go dark or can be retaken by whoever builds another TC in the vicinity (they can be hijacked or retaken by you).

It would work in a similar fashion to Protoss pylons as someone mentioned above, but allowing for some freedoms and strategic mechanics.

hmm i dont know about TC’s and towers going dark if its destroyed but retaking towers would work very well against tower rush. If u dont defend it enemy overtakes it and boom - u made his defense better with ur own resources. That is a good idea. Same maybe could happen to castes. I dont know

Probably there is already a lot of cool stuff we dont know about

I think trush is not more overpowered than any other available strategy and just improves the variety of gameplay.
If there are any balance problem when AOE4 comes out I propose to make towers and walls easier to destroy while under construction or to make the villagers unable to build for some seconds after being attacked.
I really don’t want building placement restrictions as a solution.


Amen to this brother


When Microsoft published Rise of Nations, we could see the measure they took to prevent Tower rushes and forward Castles: National borders. They ensure that it’s impossible to build on another player’s proximity. It does seem that Microsoft took note of people’s frustration back in the 2000’s.

Something like National borders is an interesting mechanic. However, I prefer the way things in Age of Empires are made. I agree with the people who say that if you want to overcome Tower rushes, you have to grow and become better, and not yearn for the developers to forbid it.

I suggested building placement restrictions it but I don’t love it either, to be clear. I just think of that as one solution but I’m sure there are better options out there.

I am honestly not worried about tower rushing because I tend to like campaigns and offline skirmishes more, so things can remain as they are with AoE II and III and it would be fine by me.

Tower rushes in AoE2 are not overpowered (and have never been), and sometimes it’s the only way to have a favourable game in situations where the civ matchup is otherwise really not in your favour.

I don’t expect that tower rushes will be OP in AoE4 (if they will even exist), given how much nerfs they have been slapped with in AoE2.

There will be more strategies and cheesy rushes beside tower rush. Many of them will seem like overpowered but players will figure out how to deal with them.

Rank system makes it easy for you to defend yourself against tower rushes because your opponents will be on your rank. Or custom games with custom rules will prevent rushing for who wants to play calm until mid or late game.

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So the treaty option will remain, then.

Adam Isgreen confirmed that there are many options for custom games.

If only wooden towers can be built in age 1, and if they are relatively easy to take down there should be no issue.

Maybe we should try not to start getting hysterical until we have actually seen proper gameplay footage?


wow this got a big response. Just to reiterate, im not balance complaining, balance is not the point. A balanced tumor is still a tumor. I don’t think static-d rushes were ever intended in rts. Its just lame, let it be gone!

Tower rushes, dark age rushes, feudal rushes all were intended.

Tower rushes existed in aoe 1 and thwn existed in aoe 2. They added more counterplay to it in aoe 2 with the requirement of murder holes, but it definitely was not some kind of accidental game breaking Abomination that they failed to prevent.

It’s not even that hard to defend against
And with infantry being seemingly able to construct rams in feudal I daresqy solitary towers will not be too hard to deal with


We are complaining about a building that we don’t kwon neither the hp, range, armor, RoF, cost, building time etc etc etc.
So… relax and save energy to complain when the game, at least, have been released.

BUT YES. I agree with the OP. Tower rush, it’s not a funny tactic.





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