Please only allow active ranked players to vote maps in-game

This is a precautious suggestion to the devs, for the upcoming in-game voting feature.

Only active 1v1 players should be able to vote 1v1 maps, and only active TG players could vote TG maps, where “active” means you are on the ladder (played >= 1 game in last 28 days iirc).

This is to prevent irrelevant players from trolling, which I did occasionally before :stuck_out_tongue: With the enormous number of players that will vote, this concern is real.

@IkoKnight8151 @ConvertThis4915


Seems like a legit suggestion. Adding such constraint make sense.
Adding this rule should be more easy when voting become in game.


I do not see why this is necesarry - you still get map bans regardless of which maps end up in the pool. Who knows, you may enjoy playing ‘troll’ maps.

Then why do we even vote?

I’m quite open to new maps. However voting should be a serious thing.