Until they remove the ridiculous touches to hit siege . it will always be OP and broken.
Case closed.
Having to get into mele and use a weak touch that dose the same damage on a unit that cost 200gold and one that cost no gold is crazy!! Haveing to mass scounts for the best anti-siege unit in game is laughable.
Unit should do there normal attack they have on siege and you can reduce there damage to siege units a bit for balance or whatever. Like archer only do 50% damage to siege or whatever. Same unit cost as siege cost should take out the siege. Also its speed is way to fast. needs a 50% reduction
3 fire lancers charging should take out a bombard or 3 royal knight charging should take out any siege 1 hit.


I actually came to the forums to post about clockwork specifically since in the Age of Siege IV it is the Chinese faction that rolls over everyone for the mere fact they have the best siege. Even their bombards are better anti siege than most faction their anti siege.

Putting culverins against clockwork bombards they are equal in cost and production time, but:

  • Clockwork bombard has 17% more movement speed;
  • Clockwork bombard has 80% more HP;
  • Clockwork bombard has 20% more attack range;
  • Clockwork bombard has 8% less cooldown;
  • Clockwork bombard has 100% more base damage.

As a result:

  • Culverin needs 4 shots (17 seconds) to kill 1 clockwork bombard
  • Clockwork bombard needs 3 shots (11.8 seconds) to kill 1 culverin.
  • Clockwork bombards are faster in position or withdrawn from the fight;
  • Arrive faster to the frontline after production;
  • Is more functional against non intended targets such as infantry, cavalry and ships;
  • Is vastly more effective against buildings;

Culverins as an imperial anti siege vehicle is completely owned by the siege they are supposed to counter. Like the water is countered by the fire it is supposed to extinguish. This makes zero sense to me. What on earth can people in 4on4, where late game is more of a rule than exception, suppose to ever do against clockwork? Clockwork is the counter to their own hard counter.

Late game one does not need infantry, cavalry. Just siege. Only siege. Siege counters everything that is not siege and only siege can counter siege.


Im hoping to see some siege nerf in the next patch. Although I don’t think will see a rework of the torch mechanic just yet. They will probably nerf first and see how the meta react.

Ah gotta love these things that are completely wrong lol.

Clockwork tower provides only 50% HP to siege created from clockwork tower and nothing else. So none of your above points are not relevant in any form

Bombards are faster than culverins
Culverin got 400HP while bombard 480 (720 clockwork)
Clockwork bombards only got 10 tile range without academy upgrade for GUNPOWDER UNITS which again has nothing to do with clockwork tower.
Again nothing to do with how fast clockwork tower bombards reload. This is another unique tech which has no ties to clockwork tower itself.
More base dmg? Where do you pull that off? Clockwork bombards got same dmg as normal bombards. Only thing that increases their dmg is tech called chemistry which China receives upon reaching imperial for free. Culverin deals 200 or 240 royal as siege dmg while Bombard deals 170 and this is without upgrades. So culverin deals more siege dmg.

This is completely situational. If the fight is near the clockwork tower then yes they might arrive slightly faster than proxy siege workshops but outside of that scenario if player has forward siegeworkshops then clockwork tower reinforcement capabilities are far worse to any civ

Clockwork tower provides only 50% HP to siege created from clockwork tower and nothing else. So none of your above points are not relevant in any form

720 + 20% from regular siege workshop is 864 HP which corresponds with in game HP. Culverine have 400 * 1.20 = 480 HP. Since (864 - 480) / 480 = 80% I don’t see how this is wrong.

This is completely situational.

I figured it was self explanatory that all other variables (such as travel distance) were kept the same for simplicity. Let not poison the well regarding the topic at hand.


I think that make bombards 50% less damage vs antisiege, have a longer setting up by 25%, decrease movement speed by 25% and a fire resistance penalty vs melee units increased by 5 is the right direction to make bombards on ok spot

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CT Bombard is just ridiculous with all those bonus stack up together. Regular Bombard is far more counterable with Culverin

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need to remove the dumb torch to kill siege. this is the issue.

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Couldnt you just revive an old topic of yourself?

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