Please, please add an easy way to change the language!

I can’t play this game.

I’m Portuguese, but I like to play the games in the original language. Here, in Portugal, all but children’s movies are screened on the original language, with subtitles.

I have the portuguese version of windows, and iI’m playing on PC Gamepass. AoE4 is in BRAZILIAN Portuguese. Believe me, it may be the same language, but it makes all the listening a lot diferent. Now, to play the game in english, the only way to do it is to change windows language? NOOOOO!!!..

Please, PLEASE change the way that you change the language. Many of us want to play the game on the OG language and we shouldn’t have to change the OS language because of it. There should be an easier way.

For now, I’ll unninstall the game, waiting for a chance to play the game in english, like it should be played.

Thank you.

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It was a bothersome discovery I made as well when using PC GamePass and realizing everything was in English and I couldn’t switch to Spanish without switching WinLang. Really a strange idea to me on their part.

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I dont understand exactly, 1vs 1 and team games doesnt bring any audio taunts or audio commands yet. how can it bother you?? (the chat is disgusting I know) but apart from that which audio are you talking about? there’s no audio in the matches apart from units and buildings but those are belt tones…

Because I want to play the campaign. I don’t really care about PvP. I want to feel myself immersed in the campaign, and not listening to the original voices, or reading the text in English as intended, cuts that immersion for me. As I explained, I’m used to movies in English, subtitled. Playing the game in Brazilian Portuguese feels like I’m playing a Brazilian telenovela.