Please punish closing the game after the match was found

I think there is a necessity of punishing the alt-f4 abuse when the match is found.

There are a lot of players who close the game countless times until the map which they want to play is selected (I think this mainly happens with people who wants to play only Arabia or Arena), specially when the map pool doesn’t favor them. Besides the fact that they are making a lot of people waste time, they are also affecting the game badly.

This makes the idea of a random map ranked (RM) pointless because the number for the ranked is not representative anymore since you would have a lot of people who has gotten their rating playing only one map, which also makes the idea of a map pool pointless. Otherwise we should have something like “Arena - Ranked / Arabia - Ranked / Islands - Ranked”… etc. etc.

It is my understanding that other games, like League of Legends (LOL) they take points from your account each time you close the game after a match has been found. Probably a system like that should be implemented to AoE II DE, otherwise the whole ranked system is kind of broken and pointless.

I hope some of the developers will seriously considerate this issue as it is out of control.


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