Please punish this player severely. He is a cheater developer

This man has been broadcasting live on China’s bilibilili video website, showing his cheating device and promoting it in the custom hall for some time. According to him, this cheating device can open a full map. I think it will seriously damage the game environment and break the fairness of the game. I hope developers will pay attention to it.

His commonly used Chinese game ID is “锦山”. Please severely punish this player.


Uh and he is Asian community member … Such a surprise … Such a epic feature to have common server with them.

If they had their own server they could have those epic matches of drophackers vs. drophackers … Who drophacks first wins …

I have seen and reported like 30 players via all ways.

Based by their names or steam nicknames (or locations) do u know how many of them were from Asia?

Oh yes 30 :slight_smile:

Asian community made modes above 2v2 completely dead - DANKE

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