Please remove all the nonsense censored words!

There’s no actively monitored general forum, so I have to put this here, but can someone in charge PLEASE loosen the censorship standards?! We literally can’t talk about certain historical things because the words are censored! For a historical game, that is totally unacceptable! We need to be able to talk freely about historically relevant subjects without having half the messages censored or having to use different terms to combat the censorship! In any case, the censorship is totally unnecessary. We’re all adults here, Microsoft! If you vigilantly monitor the forums instead of having unnecessary censorship, it will be a much smoother experience for everyone with no drawbacks.

Just food for thought. Your unnecessary censorship is making the experience actively worse instead of better.


Microsoft are afraid of ######### they are OP after all, which automatically makes them racist and evil including everyone who picks them as civ etc, therefore will not be included in return of rome and if you mod them in you will be banned and your account terminated, three letter agencies will drag you from your home and put you on trial without bail, don’t count on any lawyers they have been bribed and blackmailed, nor make any mention of their capital city, or read into their history and don’t even think about discussing just one of their many deities for you will not live to see the next day, most likely, in fact it would be best if you do not think about their empire at all for it is the highest form of blasphemy, which would mean you are a sinner in the eyes of God, and you will go to h3ll and burn for eternity if you ever dare utter their name, but I will tell you a little secret: what really scares Microsoft most of all is… bombaz, b0bs, melons, h0nkerz, breasts, udders, - yes, can you imagine, being that afraid of t’!ts actually ########## ############### to such an extreme degree that they don’t even want to read the word anymore, it is like being violently tortured each time and to make matters worse those things feed every human newborn with disgusting natural milk, which Microsoft does not like either - so they will get rid of even more words like m1lkers which they absolutely hate and gives them paranoia like nothing else, which in turn makes them very depressive and sad which leads to even more crying and they don’t want that, you must show some empathy, even if you don’t want to - because if you don’t Microsoft will be very, verrrrrrry angry and will try and force you into complying using poor illusions and tricks, but of course this will always fail because we love and celebrate the ######## and of course above everything else female bumps, therefore they can never silence us.

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This is not the place to spout your deranged ramblings.


Lets discuss the hjttjte empire then, oh wait nevermind.


Go take your irrelevant musings elsewhere, and leave them out of my posts. Please.

all i can suggest you guys is to join our discord

and there you can mention what words you think should be uncensored. we are aware ######## is censored but sadly it hasnt been changed yet. the censor isnt in place for fun, although it obviously sometimes overreacts.

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If you would care to reveal the full filter list in that Discord, maybe then I can suggest certain words to be removed from it, because without that list, it’s hard to know the full extent of it. That shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Keeping the truly bad words intact in the filter while removing the ones with historical usage would go a long way towards helping discussions thrive in a helpful and healthy fashion.


what id suggest is if you run into a censored word to mention it.

i dont have the full list, words also arent nessecarily directly censored but might contain censored words. that is why ######## are censored. so what the site admins do is they add those cases to whitelists.

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Recently I tried typing The ######### Brothers (a Dostoevsky novel), and ######### is censored for some reason.

L.E. Oh, even here :sweat_smile:
K a r a m # # # #

Screw it, I give up


Are you able to tell what the censored words are? I can’t.

Anyway, the big ones that need to be whitelisted are the name for a certain khaganate that practiced Judaism and the surname of a very prominent Japanese daimyo (for some reason, this is censored, and I can’t begin to imagine why).


no, i cant see or pass the filter on the forum, i can on discord.

its why i suggest posting it on discord, that way people can actually see it :slight_smile:


I’ve never understood censorship. Is it to “protect sensibilities” or something?
Well, that doesn’t work at all. Some people on the forum are still aggressive towards other members, even with the “allowed” words.
Actually, I think we can be far more offensive with kind words than with curse words.


As I always said:
“It’s not words that insult people. It’s people that insult people.”

Censorship just doesn’t work. Never did, never will.

When people decide to insult/herass others, they should take responsibility for that.
Censorship actually takes away exactly that responsibility as it removes already established patternes of herassment, therefore the corpus delicti. And then It actually encourages even more toxic forms of herassment.


All right, I’ll join the Discord then.

  1. its a microsoft policy.

  2. it does somewhat lower the moderation burden, a lot of the censored words refers to things we’d have to moderate on regardless.

  3. generally speaking we want people to debate, not throw out as wild words as they can imagine. some words are inherently hurtful, be it they are racist, sexist, etc. can you do worse? sure but the cases where people do we can step in as human moderators.

the idea of the censor isnt to stop people being able to discuss factions, units etc. its to stop people from stooping too low in discussion and making the forum as inviting to everyone as possible. we are aware its not perfect, but by pointing it out you can help make it better.


It would help if you wouldn’t immediately replace the censored words with “####” but instead show which word will be replaced in the visible version and why.
And allow you to change this up in the draft, leaving visible what was the word that was censored.

One word I got censored was


probably because it contains the word for people living in an egalosexual relationship .
But the word has nothing, really nothing to do with that. It’s baiscally just another name for alliteration (but in a wider context).

But as I don’t get told WHY it’s replaced I also can’t give good feedback… Especially as I often don’r exaclty remember my wordings but the meaning of them, so sometimes I don’t even know which exact word I used that got censored…

If you want certain / specific words not being censored, feel free to leave a support ticket. They can add it to a whitelist , so it wont happen again.
→ Age Support
Greetings Maxy


I am not advocating removal of all censored words, as censoring the truly offensive ones makes sense. The problem is that the blacklist is too all-encompassing and often censors words with historical significance, which is not ideal for a game based on history.


The weirdest of them all is probably “fc”. In a game where this is probably the most used abrevation for strategies, how is this not whitelisted already??

Well you can’t really FC on arabia anymore
So maybe this is Intended 11