Please remove Svea Lifeguard

After playing more and more games against swede I do believe the Svea lifeguard is a good card for the caroleans if they don’t have skirms.

Because by seen in this video Against a normal skirm that are 1 age behind They still strugle and very hard.

Now For the mameluke card I do believe it needs a nerf or maybe even delete it

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Make a one shot card or if they want to give Sweden a merc card infinite shipment, they can do it just by giving them other options such as Stradiots, or Harquebusiers.

Careans are supposed to struggle vs skirms. They ought to get 4-shot-killed by skirms like most other musketeer type units and not 6-shot-killed. Also, they can pump out artillery like no other civ.

And they do, until svea, where they still do, but to a lesser extent. They just dont die to any 5 man band of skirms.

I realize that you are frustrated that you lose to sweden regularly, but, again this is not the way to balance the game (or the civ).

You cant simply say “nerf caroleans, nerf torps, nerf artillery, nerf whatever it take for me to win…”

Yeah, but it kinda is. Svea Lifeguard is the meta to winning lategame.