Please Replace Casual Rating with Power Rating

The current casual rating system is very misleading and does more harm than good. Currently the stars are just # of games won, and Chevrons are just win %.

A player that plays “noobs only” lobbies and stomps them can get 5 chevrons with ease, but a professional player that only plays custom lobbies against other pros might only have 2 chevrons.

Comp stomps might also affect casual rating, I’m not sure.

The effect of this is I find it very difficult to balance custom lobbies to ensure a fair match if players are not rated. This leads to most matches being totally one-sided, whereas in the original, most games were close, because you would split the highest rated players, or team up the best player with the worst player.

Power rating was perfect in the original. It had fun titles like private, lance corporal, sergeant, master sergeant, etc. Stomping noobs gave little rating but playing pros gave a lot.

I think that’s a fair compromise. For competitive, players always preferred ELO as it is a more reliable system. But for casuals, a more fun rank like power rating would really fit the theme better.

I don’t think power rating would be too serious either. ELO from ranked would still be the primary thing people look at for tournament qualifications & the leaderboard. So casuals would still be a fun place to not worry about tanking the rating that matters when trying new things.


I think this is a good idea, most casual games are one sided unless your lucky to actually get people your own level

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Completely agreed. No idea what they were thinking with the lack of power ratings.

Honestly it hurts the playerbase. Playing one-sided games, either against pros where you get stomped, or where you are so much better than your opponent that you don’t have to use your brain, are no fun at all.

AOE3, like most RTS, is only truly fun when facing people on a similar skill level. If new players aren’t experiencing that joy I’d imagine they’d be turned off from the game pretty quick.


Have posted about this several times. the casual rating system needs alot of work.


I was gonna post a similar thread. Deserves to go up!

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Plus my rating is bugged, I have 3 stars and 1 chevron… Looks like I love loosing my games :smiley: