Please revert the changes so that renamed units aren't affected by stat changes

There’s basically no way to edit the stats of units/buildings you’ve renamed in the scenario editor anymore. I don’t see any benefit of the new system, but if it really is a good thing, can scenarios at least be given a toggle? This breaks so much stuff, it’s really frustrating.


@SavageEmpire566, can this please be passed onto the team? It’s ruining a number of scenarios I’ve made.

I’ve also learned now that changing the icon also breaks the ability to modify stats, though I’m not sure if that was in the patch notes and I just missed it when I read them.

is this scenario only or also affecting datamod? also are you using trigger or xs scripting to change icon/rename?

Triggers. No clue about datamod, everything is set up with the base stats they should have for R@W, but it’s definitely impacting scenarios.

I’m really confused by this change - first off, it doesn’t seem like it adds any functionality, and looks like a bug that they decided to rebrand as a feature.

But also, I haven’t noticed it impacting anything I’ve done, and I use a lot of renaming. Does this only apply to some specific set of circumstances, like renaming units with strings, or using the “Change Object Name” trigger? Modify Attribute (Object Name ID with a given name and quantity set to “0”) seems to work fine and I can still modify the units after renaming.

Well, it definitely breaks with change object name, which is what I use.