Devs please, i think you have disrespected age of empires 3, too much already…
Are you aware that no1 is able to play online games now??
We tried 5 MP games, first 2 minutes and goes OUT OF SYNC…
No1 is able to play now.
And no, i dont have the map mod installed, because once i won it, i tried going online and guess what… it didnt let me because it told me i had an invalid version of the game!

Thank you for ruining the experience even more. Thank you!
where is your quality control? in outsourcing? seriously? THE CREDITS FOR THE GAME ENTIRELLY LIST OUTSOURCED DEVELOPERS AND QA… WHAT A SHAME…but whatever you got my money already…


For sure for aoe4 they wont get my money :slight_smile:

People are even getting OUT OF SYNC playing CAMPAIGN, how much more messy can this game get?


i play good multiplayer but using ctrl + space to find unit its ridiculous, i still dont find a key to assign instead of space bar