Please revert the Savolax Jaeger Change or change the wood cost to food

Seriously why was this even done, this was a terrible change. Wood is the slowest resource to gather and it’s easier to focus coin anyway. This is a huge nerf for late game swedes and practically makes the tech useless. It would be significantly better if the cost was changed to 100f/100c instead. Much better for late game that way. As of now Savolax Jaegers are not worth it.


yeah i never understood that change to begin with, it just made it worthless for treaty which makes the church upgrade as a whole not worth it as a card.

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The devs tried to do it as a buff, but clearly it didn’t work as intended, I think making the wood cost into food would be too much, maybe just a slight discount like 175 gold or 180 gold


I am generally happy about Sweden nerfs but yeah, this change made the church card mostly worthless :frowning: