Please rework the mastery system

Right now you can master each civ with completing 15 challanges. However the system feels more like work and not fun or rewarding and is really annoying.

  1. I need to beat the AI with several difficulties. Which is… totally boring. Why does beating AI on “very hard” not for all. I need to do 60 AI games to master all civs… Sure those games don’t last very long but at least 10-15 min. which means 15 hours very boring playtime…

  2. You can only do one challange per game and the game needs to be finished. Just bad design. The challange should count the moment you fullfill the challange. And you should at least be able to do more challanges (even with fixed order, see Nr. 3) per game.

  3. The challanges have to be done in a fixed order. Make them bit harder and therefore they can be reached in any order.

  4. Some challangs are just stupid. Mongoles 6 vills with improved production in Dark Age… You need to setup a AI game again and force this challange to come. This challange is so far away from current gameplay… there are some more, but this is the worst in my mind.

So all in all. Change the system please into a direction where the mastery is reached more or lease time by time if you play this civ. Make them maybe a bit harder if needed. Or change some to “reach the challange in 2-3 games”. But i dont wont the setup AI games over and over for this. Maybe just do 1 AI challange on “very hard”.


I guess the masteries were designed in a way that a 8 year old kid also can complete them…

Some of the challenges added a fun layer to the multiplayer game, where I went into the game, ok, I am not sure if will win or loose, but anyway, at least try to get the mastery done. And while doing so, I was asking myself why not include such thing as regular reward system… Ah they kinda do it with the events during the season, but those are even more boring… “Collect 1000 food in a ranked game”? What is that… Why not call it: “Play any ranked game”…

With this “Beat the AI” - I found them really annoying… I thought, ok, I can do them when they do the server maintenance, but no… (can be only done when online…)

And yes, couple of challenges is just impossible in a “real” game / where you have a challenging opponent to play, because doing the thing just does not make sense :smiley:

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basically is asking a rerwork of the game but is really needed

With the Ai challenges i just change the game set up to start in imperial age with Max resources so that way you can complete in around 5 minutes

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They just act as an introductory system for you to get to know the civs, their differences and special tricks. And I think they are totally fine.
Maybe they can add more masteries down the line.

What needs to be changed is the absolute trash AI.

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The only thing I want to say is that I hope the mastery system can add a real-time timer to let the player know how far they are from the goal, like AOE3. It’s really hard to have no counter, and the player has to calculate whether they have reached the goal or not. , otherwise you’ll have to replay.


I agree that the “must do one at a time in a specific order” is a silly gate to add to the challenges. I agree with @xxxxxKarma though, that while each isn’t necessarily useful in the meta or a 1v1 type match, they do convey a pretty clear message as to what the designers thought each civ should “do”

I’m not really interested in the mastery system and the season reward events.

But I also have some things which should be done better (basically the same things @Tedt4388 said):
-You should be able to complete multiple challenges in one match.
-No fix order for challenges.
-You should be able to achieve the challenge and then leave the game without not complete the challenge. Especially in matches against the AI. When I achieved a challenge I don’t want necessarily complete the current game.

Instead of the boring mastery system I would rather like something similar like art of war. Were you play multiple matches and they teach you things. This is much more entertaining and the player profits more.

Besides one main reason why mastery is so boring is because of the very bad AI. The AI not just behaviors stupidly. The AI has no character like in AOE3 and Stronghold. In AOE3 and Stronghold it is much more fun to play against AI. Actually my friends and I even mostly played against the AI because it was so much fun. So please developers give the AI character like in AOE3 and Stronghold. For details please see my post about this topic: Please give AI more life