Please roll back to old patch (patch before 58259)

The game is capped to 60hz.
And the entire game looks like it’s mapped to another resolution with a point filter.
Alone this makes the game unplayable for me.

I would love you rolling the client back to the old patch, and not use the current patch (current is 58259)

I guess server side improvements can be kept and the new map files used.


In my case activating vsync brought the previous fps rate back but there are other problems tied to using vsync. Maybe a short term workaround at least.

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Thx for the hint, i know.
To clarify: ‘vsync off’ sets to 60hz no matter what, ‘vsync on’ sets vsync and monitor fps rate. Uncapped fps can’t be reached.

The patch has tons of other issues like performance problems etc.

Agree. Not sure what decisions were made to kill this game.

Meanwhile people are playing on 15 fps in team games…