Please set limit of que elo diff

My last 10 games at ~1750 elo, only 2 games were vs players within 200 elo, 3 games were vs player over 300 lower, even 1100 or 1200.

It would be better if the limit is like at most 350, also search upper/lower limit only extend 100 after 3 mins, not suddenly you could que into player at any elo.

I think most players rather have longer que time rather than 1 sided games. Not to mention TG elo of each team are usually very unfair…

Also, a function of setting max/min elo of customer game would be something nice in the future.


I also think it should be possible in the future to limit the maximum and minimum level a player should have in order to be able to join a custom game. This would be better for beginners and pros.

there are low peaks during the day, we are not league of legends. Logically, just as someone with a very high rating touches you, someone with a very low rating should also touch you. If you can, play during peak hours

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or maybe help or handicap the lower or higher ELO player somehow, in a way that scales with ELO gap

for example every 100 ELO difference, the lower player starts with one extra villager, so if u face 1100 at 1750 u start 6 villagers down

how much would that help?

edit: well after thinking about it for 5 seconds, i doubt 6 villagers would do much with that much ELO gap lol;
maybe 24 villagers? :smile:

What if you run into a smurf account? Or someone who was good that just came back to the game?