Please share your opinion on AOE4 survey

Hello Age of Empires fans :slight_smile:

I know this is not the AOE4 forum. I love all AOE games. It is very important for me that Age of Empires is successful so that the game and the franchise is further developed for a very very long time.

I think it is important for AOE that the 4 game is a success. Therefore I think as much people as possible should participate to the AOE4 survey. I think here are also people who play AOE4 or who stopped playing it. There opinion is of course also very important and helpful to make the game better.

I took the survey. The survey is really very good. You can even win something when you participate.

Here is the link to the survey:

Please don’t forget. When I remember correctly the survey is available until this monday.

Thank you

Kind regards

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Haven’t played AOE4 since the Beta which convinced me NOT to buy it but if my opinion is somehow useful, I’ve decided to complete it anyway.

As a summary, I think AOE4 needs a lot of work in a lot of departments. I still don’t like the use of a yellow lightning for unit selection and the weird yellow map borders.

The civs and civ picks feel uninspired. There’s a way better roster available for less money with AOE2.

It’s not worth the asking prize so far and the Deluxe Edition is a joke.

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The survey seems very well done, but i can’t finish it because i don’t own the game, i don’t know the anwers to the questions so i stopped at 27% lol This is the AoE2 part of the forum after all. :man_shrugging:

@Szaladon thank you for participating.

There are really some things that are not good about AOE4 and should be improved :frowning:

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Did you participate on the beta? I think it make sense that you should have played the game at least on beta in order to participate on the survey.

I mean, we are on the AoE2 side after all. I haven’t played Beta or anything, so I can’t participate either as my knowledge of the game is only from glances at gameplay of others. :pensive:

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Nope i didn’t. Sorry i can’t help :frowning: im on the same boat as Nerathion, saw a bit of gameplay, never played it.

in case you didnt know, most of the aoe4 playerbase left, so it makes sense to post the survey everywhere as well as the aoe4 forum, since they somehow need to reach the players that left

PS certainly is a long survey, no way i would have done it if there wasnt a possible reward(even then probably unlikely)

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