Please show how much and the area it heals the haudenosanee explorer

how much does it heals?
how long last the cooldown?
what is the area? i only see a heart but not the area.

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it’s just a symbol that means the unit regenerates health over time

No, he’s referring to the icon on hotkey “A”, the Haud warchief’s healing ability – I think it’s acquired by a big button tech. If I recall correctly, more of the healing units in legacy AoE3 had their healing this way, with a weird ability on cooldown.

No reason why that big button shouldn’t just let the Haud warchief heal like a priest/surgeon/Indian monk/Japanese monk (with Reiki researched at the Monastery). Really weird they kept it this way just for the Hauds.


French explorer also has it that was IIRC.


this is the heart, but it doesnt show area.
And it heals only like 100 hp.
But the area and the number of hp healed by the unit should be shown on after healing , like +100 hp on the units it healed
I could put all my units together to heal more units, but i need to know the area exactly
also the cooldown time with seconds its important. I would like to read the secodns instead of seeing
because it doesnt say how much time left, is just say a proportion of unknown time.

here is when the chief healed instanly, it doesnt show how many hp it healed, and as i can see is a big area but it would be better to see the area of healing on a red circle like the heart and the +100 hp on all units healed.

this image is all units that were outside and inside healing area after healed

it didnt got heal because i dont see the circle area

it is acquired there.