Please show unranked ELO in lobby

According to we do have unranked ELO:

Please show that number in the lobby so we know the relatively level of everyone.

I think that will be an easy but still great improvement to the current lobby system.


Sounds like a great idea!

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This site is not official and don’t grant us any credibility about the info shown nor the criteria for counting the rates that it displays.

And “unranked elo” can’t ever mean a lot, at all. The unranked games are so inequivalent in their terms when compared to each other, that a single rating system to branger everything would never make sense. For example, I only play custom scenarios, like FVD and simmilars. How could a rating for me could be used as reference of the level of play to another player that never played such games?

The ranked elo always visible on unranked lobbies, however, would be a great addition.

Why dont they just show the ranked elo on unranked lobby?

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Yeah I don’t know what is holding them back. It should not be too difficult to implement right? In HD version they have it.

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I’ve been begging for this since the beta.

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I haven’t even stopped foot inside the unranked lobby and i’d still like to see rankings shown there this lol. Nobody wants to commit to a 1-2+ hour game without having some kind of indication that it’s going to be a fair match. Nobody wants to start a game and get 20 minutes into it before realising they never had a chance or they are just going to steam roll them and not even feel good for winning.


Yep, it’s really hard to understand why this hasn’t been implemented yet. Since the ELO is calculated already it would obviously take no effort at all to make it visible in the game… and there are a lot of good reasons why we need it… and zero reasons not to do it.


@devs please do this

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That isn’t gonna call them though.

But they watch the forums, so I hope it gets fixed

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Is that possible to create something to play unranked games against people with same rank that you ?
I’m noob and everytimes we create a server for noob, strong people come for the game and just bit us so fast !
It’s not interessting !!
Showing rank people in the username should be an idea … ???



we really need this! tired of the imba teams or the high level trolls gangbanging a noob MP match

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Thx for your support, and Indeed i remember in AoE HD, rank was shown in the user name.
Why not in the definitive edition ?
Plz make Something asap please.
This post is enough to make things better ?


It’s really beyond my imagination why this hasn’t been done yet…:

  1. As we know, ELO for unranked games is already calculated by the game (see
  2. This means: Making the ELO visible in the lobbies would be a very low-effort improvement.
  3. Since it obviously would be very quick and easy to implement, I figure that the only reason why it hasn’t been implemented is lack of understanding why ELO in the lobbies is needes so badly… so I try to explain, even if I think that it should be very obvious:

Currently the lobbies are - quite frankly - a disaster. Since there is no way to know the skill level of the other players, literally 95% of the games will be very unbalanced. That’s simple mathematics.

Having visible ELO in the lobbies would be a huge step forward regarding the unbalanced games. From HD, where we have ELO in the lobbies, we know that the average game is much more balanced than in the DE lobbies. The reason is obvious: In HD, a team consisting of an ELO 1100 duded and an ELO 1200 dude would never play against a team consisting of two 1700 dudes. But in DE that’s exactly what happens.

Besides this, having visible ELO should also prevent the reckless quitting to a certain degree. In the DE lobbies, three out of four (and that’s the actual numbers in my experience!) team games will end within the first few minutes because some antosocial person just quits, leading to everybody quitting. I’m quite sure if it had a visible impact on their player profile, people wouldn’t quit that easily.

So it’s easy to see that having visible ELO in the lobbies would be a massive improvement at basically no cost.
Why don’t we have it yet? I simply don’t understand.


It is beyond my understanding as well. However, now that I thought about it a bit, maybe an idea for a valid concern would be that ranked lobbies might drain away too many users from matchmaking:

If the lobby system was improved to show the players’ “unranked” ELO, maybe people would prefer playing their Arabia 1v1s in the lobby instead of the matchmaking (since they can choose the map there, instead of having to cope with the controversial map pool). Then the lobby-ELO might become the “officially accepted” ELO, and the number of matchmaking users would become so low that it might die out because of too long queue times.

However, the correct way to address this concern would (in my opinion) be to improve the matchmaking as well, i.e., letting users play on the maps they want to play, so that there is no concern of too many people preferring the lobbies over the matchmaking.


Thanks for your reply.

Two things:

  1. If having proper lobbies would kill the matchmaking… so be it. If players prefer lobbies, let them play lobbies. I don’t see why anybody would want to prevent players from enjoying the game the way they actually want to play…

  2. Currently I see another thing: The lobbies are dead. Thursday evening it was almost impossible to find a lobby because there simple were none. I thought: Well, it’ will be better on Saturday. But now I see: It isn’t much better. Just 30 minutes ago I only saw two lobbies (in total!). Both already full. Took me five minutes of constant refreshes to even spot a theoretically joinable lobby.

By the way, if we’re at it… why are full lobbies visible in the lobby browser? It’s kind of annoying if you have to spot the only non-full lobby between several which are already full.


Is there a way to enable ELO in unranked matches? If not, what’s the reason behind this, and could you enable this please? It’s really really hard to balance out random players without having a rough idea of where they stand in terms of skill, so most unranked matches tend to end up snowballing in one direction, and really boring.


No, but I really hope they include it


thanks i had no idea about this !