Please show unranked ELO in lobby

As has been said: ELO for unranked games is already calculated (ans visible on I really don’t know why it’s not visible in the lobbies.

It would be such a low-effort improvement and it’s an aboslute no-brainer that we need it…


thanks a lot this helped !

We want to play a game that well matched in strength.
Please show every player’s ELO who joining in the lobby’s game.


(in my opinion) it’s a huge problem, and why I’m not playing many unranked games, it’s nearly impossible to get a fair game in the unranked lobbies. HD had Elo, which wasn’t perfect but at least helped.

Most of the people playing unranked games haven’t played 10 ranked games, so they wouldn’t have a ranked Elo. You can click on their name and go to their profile but those are not really working. Hopefully the profiles are updated to be accurate. This might let you check out a user you’re not familiar with, see their match history, how many games they’ve played, rating, if they have one, etc. It’s a pain to look through all this, but might be worth it before starting a 30 minute game?

There is an Unranked Elo, but not sure how useful it is. You can see the Elo of players in the lobby here:

Click the lobby you’re looking at and it expands to show their rating (unranked Elo), 1v1, and Team rating You’ll see most don’t have 1v1 or Team Ratings meaning they have not played enough games.


I think one middle ground solution is only showing ranked elo in the lobby. And lobby match does not affect ranked elo.

This will kill two birds with one stone:

  • People in lobby will have more information about their opponents skill level.
  • People can not gain ranked elo playing in the lobby, so if they want to improve their elo to join higher lobby/showing off… They will need to join the ranked queue. The lobby host might also decide to kick anyone without a ranked elo - more reason to at least get 10 matches in ranked.

So it’s a win win.

Oh, OK man thanks. I didn’t know this.

unfotuantely that would give a false impression, many many people dont care about their ranked elo, so for example they could play 1 ranked game and 400 unranked

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Well they need 10 ranked games so that will track more closely to their real skill. And if they stop after that and their skill improve drastically in unranked game, then so be it. HD/Voobly also have smufing.

I’m not saying that this is the ideal solution, but it’s still way better than the current clueless lobby (lucky that we have but something in game is much nicer).

If they can give you a silly villager icon or other icon they can show your rank when joining a game.

Really need an elo for casual play, to balance teams fairly, most games are normally now have 1 team thousands of points ahead, and it isn’t fun either side. HD excelled in this, even in a modded game where we wouldn’t rank up (or down) we could choose to show elo score. Really need to add this back to DE from HD. One major reason I don’t like to play multiplayer anymore. I just look for ai or cba matches now if I can.

Yeah, for 3 years straight I played aoe 2 HD every week, on average 10 hours. Havent touch aoe 2 de in 2 months now, and it’s not because Im annoyed, but the fun isntthere anymore. I only search for cba (quick matches, and ai matches) because going on a 2v2 or 4v4 etc is absolutely pointless. I;m going back to HD

DE lobbies fill up so fast, it’s a shame that 90% of all those games end up unbalanced.
I don’t just mean one team has an advantage over the other, I mean one guy is 5 TC booming in black forest, while his enemy is in feudal attacking his 3 layers of stone walls with man at arms…

Ideally, we would be able to click on a player’s name in the lobby and see their whole profile, but just the 1v1 rating will do for now.
Maybe add a “show player ratings” as an option when creating the lobby, should be pretty simple to implement.


The fill up so fast because there are almost none of them… today I had to refresh the lobby browser for like three minutes in order to see one (!) lobby in the list. And that one was already full, of course.
The situation in the DE lobby is frightening IMHO. Sunday afternoon (CET) and 0 lobbies open*… that’s not good. In HD there are like 50 or more at the same time with the same filters.

Well I made my own lobby then and it filled. But not as quickly as I’d have expected.

I’m quite sure that the DE lobbies are so deserted because of the lack of balance that we disuss in this thread.

And I still fear that this is on purpose, in order to bring more people to play matchmaking and by this reducing the (long) waiting times.

But that really can’t be the way to go… you shouldn’t make one part of the game bad on purpose just to nudge the community into playing another part of the game. There’s reasons why some of us prefer the lobbies over matchmaking.

[*] My filter excludes password protectes lobbies, lobbies with ‘cheating enabled’, death match lobbies and lobbies that allow victory by wonder/relic. So basically any serious lobby should still be visible.

For the past few days, i can only see games form one server, and today there are even less games. Its just a bug, or it might have something to do with the server maintenance later today.

when i made the previous post it was fine, like 2 pages of games with no password or cheat or DM + normal speed filter…

@AudibleCar24573 its a bug

First, I get the idea behind the request and I also would like to see the RANKED Elos in Lobbies.

But unranked Elos makes no sense.
Are Scenarios you play being counted? Like CBA and other fun stuff?

I, for example, play unranked Games with friends through nC Zone mainly. A matchmaking platform by the german clan nC (
We play fair match ups with maps, civs and stuff drawn by an algorithm.
So we usually all have a similar unranked ELO. Same happens when u play with friends unranked and balance teams manually.

Best example: Tatoh (even though did not play much nC Zone recently) has around 1300 unranked ELO with 150 games. I have 1400 with 110 games.
I am 1300 1v1, he is 2k1.

See where I am going? 11
Unranked ELO will not help us here.


Dude, we played with unranked elo in aoe 2 for 20 years. Now all players leave games once we realise its unbalanced, it keeps matches balance, it makes too much sense actually.