PLEASE someone tell me where the main menu background "noise" file is so I can delete it

I absolutely CANNOT STAND the main menu background noisy stuff “ambiance” or whatever it is, it loops every 5 seconds, has a horse, some other random crap going on, if I want to be driven insane by a bunch of random obnoxious pointless repetitive clanging and shuffling I will just go outside. I don’t enjoy being berated by a repetitive 3 second loop of random crap playing over and over and theres absolutely no way to turn it down or off without muting the entire game.

Ive played this game since it came out, it was cool for 10 minutes, but after 20 of wiating for multiplayer lobies, opening the game, and constantly hearing that crap playing over and over, it’s become a horrendous nightmare and if anyone knows which sound file or what bit of code or whatever I can delete, destroy, corrupt, or desecrate to make that obnoxious noise go away, it would prove that at least somebody out there actually knows as much about “coding” as they act like they do and that they aren’t just a bunch of miserable cancerous losers that get more pleasure from someone elses misery than thier own success.

in other words I am challenging everyone in this “community” to locate this sound effect or music track or whatever, because I actually know how to “code” and could build a game from the ground up and I haven’t been able to solve this problem, the sound files are confusing and obscure and there isn’t a clear reference or pointer anywhere i can find that actually determines what this main menu background noise comes from.

Give in to your inner desires, prove yourself better than me, smarter, more intellegent, and overall more deserving of fame glory and gratification than some poor lowly fool such as myself.

Be the semi-noobs that you can be, find the file of despair, destroy it once and for all, and secure your rule over all mankind.

Also $10 paypal or steam bucks for information that leads to the answer. I am desperate, post it here, PM me, whatever, please just help me destroy this nonsense chaos noise once and for all.

Have you tried installing a mod which changes the main menu? Might work.

And also, chill a bit dude, lol.

Trust me, I know how dark the place I find myself in really is. I never wanted to be in this situation, but this has gone so far beyond the point of rationality and reason that my every waking thought revolves around righting these wrongs and laying down retribution upon that which has given me no other choice.