Please sort out Drop Hacking

This reminds me of the 2003 C&C Zero Hour game where anyone could get your IP by playing online and then kick you out of the game lol.

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No am referring to hundreds of people here on forum or on twitch dev-stream chat proclaiming that it never happened to them (players playing strictly 1v1 only) so it doesnt even exist. And if it exist it is only teamgames issue which is by their words - NO PROBLEM AT ALL

Okay if somebody thinks that beeing 50% of modes unplayable than something is wrong between chair and keyboard. The same people ask and wonder why are player numbers droping week by week and why are people unhappy with actual state of a game.

Thats all.

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Its Relic issue.

U can see THE SAME PROBLEMS we have in Company of Heroes 2 ( Replay management like from year 1998 without possibility to go back - u have to reload entire replay - kinda good when u miss something crucial on 30 min mark.) + without tons of additional missing features like SS countdown

Lagging menu - the same issue just like in CoH2

etc. etc. I would need like 1 hour to think about all uncompleted and broken features.

But what makes me COMPLETELY FURIOUS is fact that our entire COH community was telling them about this issues for 9 years only to get THE SAME PROBLEMS in another game … is this normal?

I dont think so

I dont even dare to mention RECONNECT/REJOIN function which is just complete clownfiesta to not have it in any game in a year 2022 and it was not a feature in previous Relic titles as well

What does drop hacking means? Someone explain please


Well it is a term used for people who manipulate a network in such a way as to destroy a server by closing it, or removing other players from it manually using network tools such as net limiter etc. You click a button that denies the incoming or outgoing connection you want to remove depending on the outcome you want and thats it. One button.

This is an explanation I copy-pasted from steam.

As both coh1 and coh2 showed in the past, it can be done in 1v1 aswell. Relic didn’t fix it back then so its probably not as easy to fix with the essence engine as it seems

It happens to this day for ZH players using GameRanger.

I was imagining that no such thing would be happening in such a new game, but AoE4 is full of surprises.

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People who have downloaded cheats, like 5000 pop or sow which you can use in single player to have fun against AI, are using it in multiplayer games online.

As soon the server notices a code difference in all the players in the match (the dude who uses the hack), the server decides to drop the game because the code became foulty.

So if you are about to loos, use the hack, game gets dropped, and you won’t loos ELO.

Drop - hacking.

It sucks!

It does work in 1v1, a “nice person” did that twice to me.

Played through multiplayer and it still happened, didn’t expect a modern game to have it :confused:

Got it. Thanks for the explanation.

Hope this issue can be solved

This is just ruining my experience lately.

If someone drops, let it drop. In every other game in the world, practically, if someone drops, and you end up losing, it is what it is.

You cant put this sort of “de-sync” feature in game that just one shot makes the game pointless.

It seems to be a mechanism to try and keep it all participation trophy worthy. Cringe.

Also no hotfixes or patches have seemed to address this. Its never in the notes and its one of the biggest problems in AOE IV that I’ve encountered.

Sad story, I tried coming back to this game and after just a few days am about over it again.

ANY AOE support can address this?!

I’ll ask the same question here as well:

How many MONTHS does it take to fix this critical issue, which is making the multiplayer experience very poor?

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I dont want to disappoint you buddy. But I asked the same question towards moders/devs here on forum/ on reddit / trough mail + on livestreams FOR LAST 2 MONTHS (like this: Evidence how badly report system works )

Do u know which answer I have got?

Ban on forum for 1 month

Perma ban from Reddit

Time-outed on livestream

Thats what I got for asking them + reporting over 30 cheaters aka drophackers :slight_smile:

Dont expect any justice here or elswhere

Side note: That guy who is VERY VERY famous drophacker and was mentioned more than 10x times here on forum got MAXIMALLY ban for 2 weeks (cause he did not play a single game in that period - or he just switched into smurf account about which we know as well - WE = our group of friends who keep an eye on known drophackers)

and guess what?

The same guy (worst cheater of all - multiple oovo exploiter since the start of the game- he plays only Mongols btw.) Is ACTIVE on live server and doing all the same ***** like he did.

Thats justice you get here.

Me a fair/informative/pro-community guy was punished MUCH MORE than the player with worst behaviour :slight_smile:

It may not be at all easy to fix. The fact that it can be done is a symptom of the game not having a server authoritative multiplayer architecture (unlike Rocket League, for example, which is server authoritative and free from cheating). Switching to a server authoritative architecture would be a lot of development work.

I don’t know sh it of programming, but couldn’t they just simply chance the code, that whenever some sync error happens, the player gets dropped instead of the game?

Should be easy right?, Foulty code on 1 pc, kick and continue with the other (3)or(7) codes…

For 1v1, it can’t know which one has been tampered with unless additional changes are made to detect that some other way. For team games, it could attempt to compare across all players to establish what the majority say, but that may well be open to further exploits of anything they try to do. I don’t know to what extent there is a server involved that could be guaranteed to not have been tampered with and perform the comparison of the state across all players. The best solution is for the game to run on servers that are under the control of the devs and cannot be tampered with, with clients being completely untrusted, but as I said, that’s not a small amount of work to change to at this stage.

GOT ANOTHER 2 today that right as i was about to win. dropped and match end in no result again

why even play anymore at this point. Epic wont fix it so ranked and online pointless now

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