Please, support the new DLC

Hey folks, I see some people complaining about the new DLC and I come to tell you something. PLEASE support the new DLC with your wallet, because doing so, will encourage the developers to put EVEN more time and effort into the game.

Remember when we first saw the trailer for Age of Empires 1 DE and most of us thought, that this will NEVER EVER come to a reality ? I think the disapointment some of the people experience, are based on small things, sure you might not like, but I WILL support the developers and I preordered it, because of an act of love, respect and admiration towards the team of Age of Empires 2 DE.

I just want to end this really quick, with no hatred, remember those games World of Warcraft, Starcraft and many more RTL games. Who developer took their old junk toyota and made it look and drive like ferarri ? let’s not say, ADD NEW CONTENT hmmmhmm (Just a small comparison towards cheap and expensive, no offense :slight_smile: ! )


Of course. I bought it as soon as possible.

I hope the people who are complaining are just a vocal minority.


Nice try, Mr. Isgreen!


Will support, because I want to see more AoE1 content.


I’m not going to do the same thing like with Dawn of the Dukes and pay full prize for a DLC I don’t think is fitting in the overall theme of the game.


No, thanks. As an AOE2-only player I have no incentive to buy this.


You do. Sales lead to more DLCs. No sales lead to the end of support.


If you like it buy it, if you don’t like it don’t buy it.

Sorry, but not adding Romans to multiplayer ranked was the last straw, and the DLC lost the last reason to buy it, for me. I really dislike the addition of Romans, but it should be available for ranked . It steals a spot and bonuses from another potential civ while being a singleplayer civ. They also didn’t add enough new content for AOE1, like UU, UT and new units so I am completely discouraged from buying this DLC.


I bought the DLC yesterday ^^


Just a thought: Why would someone who dont like the content of the DLC buy it?


I buyed the DLC despite everything, but I also believe that constructive criticism shouldn’t be hold back fit fear that new content won’t arrive…

Like, I personally was a bit disappointed when I saw the info of the DLC, but with time I also came to accept the potential that it have, so it’s not that bad after all…

By the way, the outcry here might be negative, but on the general more casual palyerbase we still don’t know how it’ll be received…


I am overall very happy with the DLC’s contents. But I am very unhappy about the Romans not being allowed in ranked. It’s utterly bizarre and no reason has been given as to why.


Sorry but im not interested in AoE1.
And romans are not playable in ranked.
So there is no point for me.
I would pay for romans appart if totally new civ like others in AoE 2. But not as a capped civ.


People, largely, will support it and this DLC will end up having at least a ‘Positive’ review rating on Steam and imho (certainly after some time and post-launch polishing patches) a ‘Very Positive’.

It’s a great thing to celebrate.
AoE2DE engine platform (3rd release of the arguably best RTS game, Age of Kings), fantastic AoE1 setting centered around antiquity, new campaigns, techs etc. even a new civ is becoming a thing thanks to a dedicated fanbase in Vietnam out of all places. Hard to point out similar series in the industry. AoE1 was released 26 years ago…

It is pretty much unheard of even on the PC platform.


Can’t understand why y’all so worried about the eventual failure of this DLC making the company gunshy about new content.

If ROR ends up a huge flop, they will take notes and do better next time. But they will never stop making new content.

Like I said in another thread, this is a business, not a mendicant order counting on people’s charity to survive. The worst that may happen in some heads rolling.

The consumer must be free so companies can deliver better products.


Buying DLCs is not charity. I bought all the previous DLCs because they added value in the form of new playable civs (I even gifted this game several times to family and friends, so I think I did more than enough already). This DLC has no playable civs and therefore adds no value for me.

They just need to try harder if they want to sell DLCs to people like me. I disliked the port from the start, because I wasn’t part of the target group, but there was a very easy and obvious way to incentivize me to buy it anyway. I thought it was a no-brainer. I’m generally super easy to sell to. I see new civs and I buy.

I pre-ordered it yesterday because I was made to believe that we would get a new playable civ (misleading advertisement IMO), but today the Steam entry was silently edited, so I requested a refund. And I almost never request refunds.


People like who? 2DE sold even a few million copies according to steamdb estimations.

Then it’s just not for you. Nothing wrong with that.

I love all the QoL improvements. The campaigns seem to be newly designed, making the original AoEDE still valuable.

People like who? 2DE sold even a few million copies according to steamdb estimations.

People who just want to play AOE2 and aren’t interested in AOE1.

Then it’s just not for you. Nothing wrong with that.

Yes. There is in principle nothing wrong with that. But it does mean that I will have to wait for probably at least another year before there is another DLC that is for me. And that saddens me.

But this is DLC is aimed are people that want AoE1. If you’re not one of them- again, it’s not for you.

Same for people that wanted a remake of AoE or AoM and instead are getting IV or DLCs for 2/3.
In life you don’t get everything you want all the time.

It makes no sense to release AoE1 content on updated engine-mechanics as a separate AoE game. standalone-ish DLC for 2DE is the best practical choice. Viewing it as some kind of treason is unreasonable- 2De already features a billion civs and campaigns.

They WON’T add more.

In games like StarCraft or Command and Conquer you have 2-3 ‘civs’. In 2DE 40+ is not enough?

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