Please, Take into consideration ARENA players

Hello everyone!

Since AoEII:DE came out, my biggest disappointment is that i can’t play my favorite map on ranked, I have well over 3k hours played on HD, most of those playing Arena. But now my fellow Arena players and I have found no place on DE since unranked matches are not fun, primarily because it’s hard to balance since we cant see each others elo, and also because… WE LOVE POINTS!

The new matchmaking system is not very popular, people like to decide what map they like to play, but what most of us dislike the most is the fact that we cant play some loved maps on ranked, such as Arena or Nomad for others.

So devs, if you read this, please take it into consideration for the next patch, because I got the game, but I still play way more HD just because I can choose what map I want to play and ranked.

Anyways, have a good day to everyone reading this, GGs and have fun!


Just wanted to highlight: NOMAD, ARENA, BLACK FOREST … we all want to play our favorite maps with a good competitive setting


Indeed dear brother, even if they dont get rid of the pool system, a map ban system might work but at least they should add those maps, i mean, Besides Arabia, BF, Arena and Nomad are the most played maps, but instead we got rivers and oasis on the pool… someone didnt check the stats very well.

I think Map Pool choice should be separated to more options. Like Open Maps, Closed Maps, Water Maps, Odd Maps. Open Maps will offer Arabia like maps. Closed Maps will offer Hideout/Arena/Black Forest like easily wallable or pre-built defense maps, Water Maps will have Baltic/Islands and Odd maps will have unusual start like Nomad/Steppe. Mixed map will offer Coastal/River

This is why they must allow ranked play in the lobby, matchmaking can never account for all the different mapstyles.