Please use real time in game

Why AOE2 seconds are much faster than real seconds ?
It is annoying for BO calculation.

Please give us real time.

Thank you


Maybe they should show both, or make an option

I think a lot of people are used to game time already, so I wouldn’t take away it entirely, especially since there are some times where you use a different speed than the default 1.7


This would basically mean adjusting the gather rates, training and building times etc from 1.7 speed that they fit to 1.0 and probably would break the game.


What are you talking about ? Im not asking any change of gameplay. Just a clock with real time.


Nah, it’s simple math to just translate the 1.7 to real time and display that instead

Actually there is nothing to translate. Just keep the same clock for gameplay with the possibility to hide it. And add a normal clock. It would be fine.


I think translating would be easier because it would take things like lag and pauses into account, but maybe you are right, since the clock might get desynchronized if you change speed mid-game (that’s only possible in singleplayer afaik, but still)


That’s too slow. Just use the in-game timer for BO calculations.

Why does it disturb you to have a clock in game ? Especially if we can hide it.

Not sure what you mean, it doesn’t disturb me to have an in-game clock. There is a clock. Press F11 and you can see it. Do you want a second clock to show real-life time?

because there are lots of players so stubborn like an old man.
Every suggestion, either good or bad, affecting them or not. They will just say no, stay the same.

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How so? When you look at the ingame time, you’re calculating BOs with the ingame time, or are you looking at some stopwatch next to you?

I mean, having an option to change the in-game clock to real time would be fine, but IMO relatively low priority option to add. Pretty much everyone is used to calculating times with the 1.7x faster ingame clock.

Ah my bad. I understood it as making real time the standard which would require adjusting the game to the new circumstances.

The thing is - BOs are already calculated by using the ingame time


Why do you talk about prioriry ? did I tell it’s URGENT to add a real-time clock in the game ? Bru im just making a suggestion.

it s all about adaption.

TBH i have never calculated my BO using the in game time at all, i mostly judge it by my villages numbers and resource.

Easy fix would be to leave it at 1.7x speed as default but you can change it to real time in the game settings if you prefer. Build orders are all based on 1.7x speed though, so it makes sense to just get used to it.

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You really need to consider the current player base before proposing changes like this. Sure, this might be more convenient for you. But what about 99% of people who have played more than, say, 300 games? What about the people who have been playing this for 20 years, and the pros? You have no right to ask all these people to totally change the way they understand the game.

This is not even mentioning all the legacy software, tools, recordings and everything else which are programmed on the game clock.

And you should stop feeling insecure because you think someone’s going to touch your little comfort zone. I don’t want to take anything away from anyone. And on top of that, you haven’t understood a word I’ve said. I’m just asking for a f. clock, not to change the speed of the game.

Do you mean a real clock instead of the 1.7x clock? Because a lot of people would be upset to lose the 1.7x clock option

I don’t feel insecure about this at all lmao. The devs are never taking away the 1.7x clock. So, I literally don’t care.

If you just want a normal clock (without changing anything now), that’s fine ig? You can probably write a mod for that and add it that way.

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