Please, who can give me construction orders for the Baja California revolution with Mexico?

I have the Mexico dlc since it went on sale but I never played Mexico, until now and I fell in love with the Baja California revolution,

My start is to go with 14 villagers with michoacan, make a church and send me 700 wood to throw rev with 16 villagers, at minute 5:30 I would be going to the enemy base and with the wood that I have left I make a little more bars , the factory sent me the letter that gives gold for what you earn in combat experience, from there I try to send me more outlaws or boxes of gold to save on improvements or mercenaries,

I would like to learn other construction orders because I understand that the revolution is used a lot to win by commercial monopoly, I can guess what a commercial monopoly strategy would be like but I would like to know how others do it to perhaps polish it more

Also, even if there are other more economical and aggressive alternatives, I would like to read them to be able to feed myself back.

Watch this video from lion heart How to win in under 10 minutes part 1 [Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition] - YouTube

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I like going a bit slower and aging with like 15 or 16 vills, using the extra 100w wood from the start to remote-build a native TP ASAP (if on a map with 2 native allies), aging with Tlaxcala for the extra native treaties unit shipment plus 4 vill card for slower times in the later game but shipping native treaties as the second card before revolt. If not on a map with 2 native allies, 700c pre-revolt. After revolt just training Cuatreros and only making Filibusters if very stacked up on coin, shipping Factory first and then either troops or Soldier of Fortune if about to destroy a lot of enemies. Against a slow enemy like Dutch I like a forward starting Hacienda (as close as possible to the enemy base) with the military shipments receiving there on ageup so I can get the Saloon close too for the Flag to buff traintime, and against a fast enemy like Russia I like a defensive Hacienda with a more deliberate push out.

Trade Monopoly is really strong when in a dominant position but not every map is good for or even allows for it. I usually just go for it if my opponent has an extremely defensive position that I can’t break with any kind of mass, but the factory on wood provides easily enough wood for the TPs. In team games it’s far more powerful, as is the 60% trade route boost card (which is strong with stagecoach on a dominated trade line).

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