PLS DO NOT change Landmark Victory condition in Team Games

Ever watched Rubenstock (AOE2) trading his base for damaging the entire enemy team? And yes, the damage he deals often gives him the needed time to rebuild.

I always felt the landmark is what makes your imperium. It makes nosense that a single villager can rebuild a whole civilization.
Now teamgames will be a lot longer with nosense strategy. Why destroying all landmarks?? It will be necessary to destroy the economy until enemy surrender or build the wonder. Landmark victory will be non existent

I felt very happy with 20min 2vs2 game. You will take advantatge 2vs1 but NOW you NEED him TO SURRENDER. Otherwise he can make a very realistic comeback in his ally’s base and repair his landmarks when possible

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I don’t watch AOE2, but what you just described is exactly what I said. Player wont come back unless they do equal amount of dmg to opponent. If opponent is capable of destroying 1 players base without counter dmg then player who took dmg won’t come back. No matter what

this will prevent two or more from rushing the weaker rival and the game is already won by numerical superiority.

people finding logic in the game
meanwhile on beastyQt stream: landmarks should be repaired for food + gold

You start with 6 vils, what are you even talking about?

You misspoke the truth.
Selfish people who want to dominate with friend 2vs1.

The opponent struggle 1vs2 - ■■■■ him, let him uninstall game, we have 9999 players, who will play the next match.

in aoe2: i’ve played only TGs with 1000+ games.
in aoe4: I’ve dropped TGs (before PUP), and if played - custom DM and 1vs1.

4vs4: 26,180
3vs3: 28,278

we will see who the change boost number of players, i believe they will return.
PS in jan it was 50-60k

Your start with 6vils and a landmark.

I’m not keen on this change because it will make it hugely harder to win co-op games against the AI when you have useless teammates and have to win 1v2/3/4. You will basically always be playing against 400/600/800 pop with your 200 pop because it’s so easy to rebuild everything in AoE 4. It’s already the case that hiding landmarks is really strong because if an enemy has just 1 landmark that you can’t find, you can’t finish them off, and a few minutes later their entire base is back to how it was. It will be like that for every enemy in every game if destroying all the landmarks doesn’t take that player out.

In previous AoE there was no such thing as Landmarks and early pressure could be done, especially in AoE3.

The rushes will still be effective (I think the ram should come down in price with the rework), since they will leave a player very touched.

Totally agree. If this change is implemented, pretty sure almost every HRE is gonna be Fast IMP.
Chinese and Abbasid Booming with 3, 4 TCs in most of the games.
And you can say good bye for feudal all-in rushing, or any kinda of rushing.

The only viable way to win is gonna be sacret sites and wonder.
Imagine play “hide land and seek” with mongols, but not one player anymore, the entire team!

I strongly disagree, team games have become extremely tedious and unfun now.
Not to mention how annoying it is to play team games against the IA…
In my opinion, this change is pretty much game-breaking and won’t be able to stand it.

I’ve always found AoE 2’s requirement to kill every single unit pretty annoying. There are threads on the AoE 2 forum where people have regarded it as toxic behaviour when an opponent keeps playing with just one villager left. AoE 4’s landmark victories are much better IMO.

There are also important differences between the games, you don’t have unlimited resources in AoE 2 to the same extent that you do in 4. In 4, if someone loses all their buildings, they’ll often have massive amounts of resources available to instantly rebuild everything. The meta will be to just spread villagers all over the map, because your base really won’t matter any more.

In AoE 2, the AI will often resign when it’s clearly beaten, it doesn’t force you to kill every single unit. AoE 4’s AI doesn’t do this, and it’s programmed to simultaneously micro every single villager to run away and hide whenever it’s attacked. It will basically be the same as the toxic AoE 2 opponents that people DO complain about.

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I have mixed feelings about this.

I don’t like for some civ’s especially Abbasid having major weakness and so easy to knock out.

but I also dont like how I can as mongol forever extend my life by zooming around my last landmark.

there needs to be a balance.

Personally I think they should make it so that TC’s functions as a form of landmark. So that everyone has a option to help secure themselves.

As long as you have a building that can produce villagers, you should still be able to be in the game.

Alternativly, a landmark has to be at 0 HP to count a fully dead.
In other words, you can keep a teammate alive by having his landmark under repairs.

That would help teammates hold on to life just a little longer, and prevent complete sniping, as one also have to make sure to prevent any villagers from repairing.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the Landmarks win condition, but I am against the change that has been made. If you destroy all the Landmarks, the team falls.

it seemed difficult to make solutions…
in case, 3v3 includes chinese and mongols civs, required 4+7 landmarks plus-ed 4 mobile landmarks on new rules,
in that case, mostly impossible in so call-ed sniping victories.
but standard 12 landmarks with new rules, seemed not impossible.

My opinion is a new update allows secondary landmark towncenter to players in age3 (only in 3v3/4v4 team games?), and no changes in current rules.That solution provides all civs 5(+) landmarks and estimated in fair plays.

I highly doubt that.
All-ins will be less common, but rushing boomers is very common on any open map in AOE2 as well.

I fail to see why something that works in every other AOE/AOM game should not work here.

Excactly! And now AI games take FOREVER. Such a bad decission! Me and my friends were having a GREAT time playing. Now none of us want to play anymore. We don’t have time for 1 or 2 hours games… Very annoying. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

Simple… Reverse this Team landmark win condition and give landmarks more hp maybe. AT LEAST give abbassid landmark more hp or some possibilities for weapon emplacements. I know it already has a lot of hp. But landmark sniping sucks. And these ai 4v4 custom games sucks even more cuz now they take forever. Make a toggle button in custom games!

Or you have a much slower 1v4 or 2v4 because one human leaves the instant the game starts, another leaves 2 minutes later when they notice the first one left, and if you’re really really lucky one other player stays in the game with you, otherwise I pretty much might as well just quit if it’s 1v4 against hardest AI now.