Why do units attack buildings when I don’t want them to? It makes no sense, because it takes a long time to break a building with archers or cavalry or anything but siege weapons. It’s really annoying when you send units on patrol and they start hitting a random house or wall. If I want to break a house, I’ll right click on it. The most adequate solution in my opinion is to add a checkbox in the settings “do not attack buildings by default except siege weapons”.


I guess you are having experience from different game and you just transfer that on aoe. Put your scouts into anything else then aggresive mode and they wont attack buildings. Defensive stance should do the trick for anything but castles and towers.

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this has been discussed before and units should attack building. the argument of “taking it from another game” dont fly because by having units automatically attack building it gives another layer depth to the game.

not only that, player should be not be rewarded for doing less.


Removing this game mechanic would reward lower skilled players. Because they could just run their army into enemy base and leave them on aggressive stance without worrying that they’ll come back to find them all attacking mills and farms while they die to TC arrow fire.


Such a weird logic. Tell that to all the modders who are trying to make the game easier. I think you use mods too. And developers are going to add the most popular mods to the settings. The game is supposed to be fun, not misery.

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That’s good, it’s hard for beginners to win in this game. The entry threshold is already high, so I think it’s even better.

I don’t want to change anything, it’s stupid. I just want them to NEVER break down buildings without my desire.


Might as well just introduce an auto-fight option similar to auto-scout for noobs and let the AI control all your military and economy. That should help beginners win.


the weird logic here is you. people wish to use skill to compete and that is part of the fun, removing it would be misery for them.

and I am a modder, I make things easy in modding because it is not meant to be competitive. why not have everything done for you? auto farm, auto garrison?


Dude, there is this nice game called screeps where you are basically coding your entire RTS game. Go get it, its much closer to what you want than AOE2 at the moment.


I think this game is fun and not misery. And ELO works in the way, that you loose about 50% of the games, in case, that may be the reason for your misery,

I am totally fine with how and when units attack buildings and wouldn’t change anything about that.

The only thing everybody should know, that if you want to attack a unit behind a building or foundation you should hold ALT to not accidentally attack the building or foundation instead.