Pls for the love of god and faith in humity, fix tg ladder!

Teamgame ladder is the worst in the industry.

People pull new accounts (smurf) for 2usd and it needs 200 games to get in reach of a proper rating.
So it’s 1 us cent per game.

On these 200 games, the guy pulling the new account wrecks all with 80% winrate.
Resulting in all other game participants to have fkd up teamgames, so about 1400 games (4v4) per smurf account.
The natural winrate of people queuing up without putting smurfs in their tg is about 42%.

If someone is rm tg 2900 and the smurf is 1900 typically, one team will be down 250 points per player, it’s a guaranteed loss.

The only way to not lose against this, is if the game crashes for someone, the matchmaker threw an unbalanced matchup, or one team is so high that smurfing can’t harm them.

If I queue up for tgs at rm tg 2500, there are smurfs in 2 out of 3 games ■■■■■ up all.

So tg ladder is just complete trash, just saying!

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And if the product directive and developers can’t get their things straight, pls make an api to fkg host games, so that DE can be put into Voobly.

In Voobly you were able to see the match participants before agreeing to play.

And yes, a ranked map pool with matchmaking is 1000x better than ranked custom lobbies in theory, but in practice DE teamgames are so screwed up, it’s not even funny.

This is not even colloquial, it’s an exact description of how it is.

I could not agree with this. the people with more than 2k elo are not beginners anymore, however, the people with lower than 45% win rate are bad teammates in my experience. They seems lack of the ability of critical thinking.
You think they only lost to smurfers? You just need to be a little bit smarter to beat them.

The problem is the people who grouped with extremely low elo players to abuse the system. These guys are indeed cancer. Since there is no law enforcement in this game. Caring about this game too much will only make yourself mad.

There is nothing to agree on.
If 4 people with an average rating of rm tg 2500 and a high number of games (thus their accounts being somewhat adjusted) queue up for 4v4, there is no way they have more than 45% winrate.

They will be down like 150 points per player on average, because of the smurfing.
Given that they don’t have an advantage by map preference, voice chat, or beeing less prone to crashing, they cannot achieve 50% winrate.

in solo queue, everything is differ than you thought. Solo players also got a chance to team with solo smurfers so they also got a chance to win.
Before the alt f4 timeout implemented, people can pick their teammates so the TG wasn’t this tough. I did solo queue only , i just did not team with anybody with lower than 45% win rate and my win rate had never dropped below 80% in 2k+ elo games. Now, the low win rate players are tend to stick together and there is a great chance to lose the game when you team with them.

Yay Team Games, bunch of smurfs and civ pickers, what a wonderful game.

I agree team game ladder needs to be fix. I often find myself playing against smurfs or miss matched teams.