PLS patch this ram crap

I love AoE but those rams are just a joke. Why is it possible to build them so early ?
You don’t need tactical understanding in the game anymore, every game runs the same. The enemy explores the ramming crap, places himself somewhere near and flattens everything with his ramming. If you don’t have horses or melee units, you lose. Towers don’t work, walls don’t stop them. It’s just pointless and it’s not fun anymore.
Please fix this, it’s just a joke. We could play like this and would certainly win a lot of games, but it’s just too noobie for us. We want to have fun, build our base and have exciting and cool fights. Currently we don’t have that and that’s why we don’t feel like it anymore after more than 800 games together.
It’s okay to be able to build rams in the third or fourth ages. But that nothing can stop those pieces of dirt is just a joke. I don’t know why I’m doing all this s##t around the base anymore. It’s just frustrating. And the parts also take in too much damage from towers. This is certainly a reason for the lack of player numbers. When beginners play online and are overrun with the rams, they certainly don’t want to do it anymore.

Please fix this Ram Crap.

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Ram rush is the least problematic thing in the game. It actually works exaclty as intended, so long as the rams don’t have pathfinding issues.

I don’t imagine anybody’s first few games include being hardcore ram-rushed. Tons of people left because the game was launched in an unfinished state with a lack of SP content. Anything else is just icing on the cake.


Play custom games, not ranked.

And to say that players are leaving because of your personal frustration with that strategy is completely untrue.


Rams haven’t been an issue since they nerfed the HP and movespeed all the way back in November. Rather, rams serve their intended purpose of punishing overly greedy play. You may not like having to defend vs a feudal ram push. You may want to boom so you can build up your big army in castle or imperial. But other players might love feudal fights, and hate having to fight vs castle and imperial armies, where siege and keeps become available. How can you say that every casual player hates rams?

If all you want to do is boom safely and not get attacked, play vs the AI. But RTS games have always required that you scout and adapt to what your enemy is doing. You can’t just go up to castle with no units and expect your opponent to go along with it


They slightly buffed english which i disagree with. English push itself is very hard to learn. But thats what most players do. What they forget is, they an build their eco back in base and take you in imperial. And their english farm emperial is beast. I feel like english will reach top of rank.

I love AoE but those Horsemen are just a joke. Why is it possible to build them so early ?
You don’t need tactical understanding in the game anymore, every game runs the same. The enemy explores the horsemening crap, places himself somewhere near and flattens everything with his horsemening. If you don’t have pikes or sufficient defensive structures, you lose. Archers don’t work, Scouts don’t stop them. It’s just pointless and it’s not fun anymore.

I hope you get the point: What you’re saying is: I can’t win against Rams if I don’t have one of the counters for it - well, that’s how RTS works. Just scout it and get a valid counter, which is definately avaliable!
And you actually do need more tactical understanding in order to deal with all the timings possible, than you would need if the game was always “build up in peace and then attack at some point in the lategame”.

Wall and castles just need to be stronger. Thats the thing. Towers should cost more but really do some damage. Right now Castles and towers are so weak that its almost not worth to make them in team games .

Make them cost alot more to balance but make a keep and towers something you have to have bombards for or lots of rams.

I understand your frustration.

There should be a better learning section with build orders, art of war challenges how to defend properly from rushes and raids.

Besides there should be more arena maps and an option to allow attacks only after X minutes. So that also non rushers are satisfied.

You can destroy rams quite easily with villagers.

The biggest problem is the very high damage from bombard to buildings and units in my opinion.

@Islandsteve8 I totally agree that stone walls, castles and towers should be stronger.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your issue with rams.

Even in classic AoE2, anything that fired an arrow would do little damage to a ram. It’s a necessity to have melee or cavalry on hand for that reason - and as a last resort use your villagers.

Early game in AoE4, getting close to a garrisoned Town Center is near impossible without losing your army. That’s why I believe they’ve made rams an option because you can build stone walls in feudal, and it’s a rush option so you can finish a game faster if that’s your goal and your opponent is ill-prepared.

The distance that a TC or tower can fire seems far greater than the classic AoE games. That’s why I think they made it so you can’t focus fire at specific units using your TC. The TC will pick the ram to fire upon which does very little damage and helps your attacking units to move in without dying easily. This encourages the player on the defense to solve a problem (but also teaches in being prepared) by using melee units to counter the rams.

It’s not true, TC have focus fire

Hmmm. I’ll have to try it again, because I can recall telling a TC to stop firing on a ram and it wouldn’t let me pick units.

Just Right click on unit… If do while you press shift, you make queue on next targets

Yes, the change to allow this was the huge nerf to feudal ram rushing, because you can just attack the ram, and any enemy units that attack whatever you’re attacking the ram with can be killed using your TC.

only main tc have focuse fire , the others don’t have


I find that ram pushes, when countered, can be punished due to the high cost in wood (300 each). If they commit to lots of rams, then they’re sacrificing eco and production buildings. You will need a bit of Patience to out macro them eventually.

It’s 300 wood, infantry needed to build it, blacksmith and siege engineering. It’s lots of effort and ressources that need to be spent in order to get to an actual ram this early.

The player going for the ram push is taking way more risks than the player sitting in his base turtling. This game is already very very turtle and passive playstyle friendly. Complaining about the few possibilities to actually force interactions (yes that’s quite normal in an RTS) in the early to mid game is just so off.


Rams rushes seem easy to counter because villager torch damage is so insanely high. If you haven’t tried it just have your villagers attack the rams. They go down in like 14 hits so potentially 1-2 seconds. They’re super slow now so they can’t escape from say, 5 villagers throwing 3 torches each.

Villagers are also surprisingly strong against any spearmen backing up the rams.

If you scout around your base you should be able to detect the enemy setting up and rush them with villagers or whatever it takes to snuff their attempt before it starts.

IMO the most dangerous thing in the early game is Man at Arms. Nothing counters them until castle age so if holy roman or english use them during feudal it is super annoying.