Poles OP?

I think the cheap knights and obuch combination are getting ridiculous. It would still be okay if the obuch didn’t have the bonus of damaging enemy armies armour while fighting. Really hard to counter them in my opinion. and they have a good food eco. And last of all. Stone miners generates gold??? Come on!!!


They have a weaker lategame. Also, the fact that they basically have to place their first farms around the Folwark means that their farming eco is very vulnerable to raiding. If you can tower their stone, or raid it, that also helps you stop them snowballing too much. They actually aren’t that OP, you just need to know how to handle it. I do agree though that the mining might need to be nerfed slightly. If it really concerns you that much, just don’t play online/ranked games until they get nerfed, or you work out how to beat them.


The cheap Knight thing needs a Castle
Obuch even with 2PA they die to archers

Go massed arbalest and halb or something similar


well the opponent won’t let his base towered… every player I played against they do m@a. at the same time tower their own base. yeah i agree i need to find a way to damage but i am fining it difficult. a strong unit like kts should not cost 30 gold in my opinion… and poles bonuses like food boost and stone miners generating gold making it lot easier to get the castle up and their castle tech

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i am doing the same… not succeeding. i think the obuch bonus that damage opponent armies armour making it more difficult

even the bohemians… i am already giving them access to imp tech in castle age and one imp unit… no need to make their university cheaper.

You can also throw in some monks and heal your army between waves. It will restore the armor.


Yup. Still, some people either forget about it or don’t realize that at all - armor reduction doesn’t work like a permanent downgrade, when managed properly it can be just a temporal debuff.
It’s a pain in the butt that can’t be really easily fixed during combat encounters, but hey- that’s the point of that unit. Without it there is not much left besides cost. No special mobility or tankiness.


Obuch is really cheap for its stats thought. I would nerv the ujit with +5 gold cost

Yeah really cheap… 95 hp.Full upgraded Elite obuch have +6 pierce armour. So it’s not that simple!

I hope they go and nerf knights and not the obuch as its nice to actually have an infantry unit that people use.

Problem is the 30g knights beat franks on cost for cost. A unit like that shouldnt be trash. Maybe if they never got cavalier it could work but atm all the pole needs to do is mass cavalier and charge pikes and win.


yeh nerf thier knight discount but ad paladin and palte barding armour

yeah but the first thing that needs to be change is stone miners generating gold… just absurd… and the ratio is 1:2.

why u want change smth so unique & original?? w/o this bonus they only have folwark and bad tech tree

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i am not sure how is this original but at least this bonus needs to be nerfed.

not?? than tell me what other civs make a resource while mining another.

its a balanced bonus cuz theres not much stone and stone isnt needed early game

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what do you mean ???

What he means is

  1. stone is by far the most limited resource on most maps, having less resources then anything else by far.
  2. stone is the slowest resource to be collected.
  3. until castle age the need for any stone or gold is usually quite minimal for cavalry civs as the only thing you usually use either for is men at arms opener and advancing to castle age, so you’re not going to have many, if any workers on stone.

yeah that’s the issue… you don’t even need that many on gold as having miners on stones generating golds to reach castle age… to get castle techs like this in early castle was supposed to be tricky… you are not likely to have a good eco to produce units that costs food and gold if you mine stone, get your castle up and get your unique tech… but with poles it’s quite easy and then you are pumping 30 golds kts… and kts are really strong unit is castle age… that’s my whole point…
and stone miner generating gold this whole idea is not welcoming to me. Doesn’t feel like age of empires.

The obuch is cheap, I wouldn’t mind to see it costing more, or taking more to damage the enemy armor, like having it removing 1 armor after 2 hits,having it RoF reduced, or having it REMOVING armor alternatively (1 hit, -1 MA, another hit, -1PA, then -1 MA and -1 PA and so on…).

But their knights are fine. They are terrible in the late game without the last armor upgrade, and the UT takes time to get it, so there is just a small window of time when their knights are cheap and useful. Their knight rush isn’t that great either…