Poles tech and general changes

I suggest to add the last cavalry armor upgrade and remove szlachta privileges while replacing it with this:

Infantry units are effected by the villager hp regeneration rate.

They may or may not need siege engineers after this.

They have SE.

Never will happen.

But yeah they need some tweaks to their tech tree.

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Basically meaning they may or may not need it to be removed.

You should really start giving reasons you think a change is necessary because I find this to be not only a nerf but I don’t even understand why this change is necessary

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No. Here is how I would do it, if they need a change. Give them Paladin, but reduce the Szlachta privileges discount to 40%. Or, give them Halberdier, but reduce the stone mining rate. Both of these changes buff their lategame in exchange for weakening their mid/early game. However, I honestly don’t think that Poles even really need changes.

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Szlachta is indeed a poorly designed UT, with that being said, what you’re suggesting isn’t better, you want to make them a generic Cavalier Civ? a Fantasy Infantry civ (Aka Vikings)?

They need to fix Szlachta, change it from gold cost reduction to food cost reduction, this civ is already super gold efficient with their absurdly strong late game. (Obuch + Winged Hussar + Stone miners bonus). The community is obsessed with gold efficiency, it’s sexy I know, but killing the game strategically.

It gives them a fully upgraded winged hussar with trample damage for cavalry and improves upon their infantry

They’re a hussar civ, not a cavalier civ

With these changes they’d be strong enough against archers and wouldn’t need siege engineers to compensate for their winged hussar weakness to such beyond using the bombard canons(useful even without siege engineers)

The obuch x winged hussar + bombard canon is a useful enough composition

Pushing them towards infantry and keeping their cavalry mainly geared towards winged hussar is a pretty strong identity

And with self-healing infantry it would be a reason for them not to have halberdier.

As for self-healing champions, I think it’s a decent enough option to go for as infantry if wanted while extending it to obuchs and pikes.

Or give them halberdiers and only have the self healing effect champions to differentiate them from the obuchs

Yeah, but they also have really good food eco with the Folwark. Nerfing Szlachta in exchange for Paladin might be the best option.

Why does a civ have to have large degree of harmony among its bonuses? I’m seriously wondering, why is that the case?

Britons have cheap TC’s despite not being a booming civ, naturally they want to get a faster Imp, a classic Arbs win condition rather than 5TC boom. No synergy, yet a charm.
Byzantines have an awesome late-game, few can match it, yet they dont have any eco bonus to reach this stage, well designed.
Magyars have a great setup for either heavy cavalry or cavalry archers, yet a team bonus that belongs exclusively to foot archers. Brilliant. A tiny encouragement to go for their generic Arbs.
Slavs have farming bonus and also Siege discount which doesnt even benefit from food eco directly.

The beauty about this game is the tiny element of randomness, less methodical thinking.

*Paladin will just turn them into another generic Knight civ, which they’re already right now sadly, rather than a nice infantry civ.