Polish UTs

Firstly, I feel the -60% gold on Knights is too strong. So I ask them to reduce it to -40% or -33% gold. So Knights cost 60F 45G/50G (almost as much as Keshiks and Steppe Lancers).

The 2nd change I can see is Poles having Paladins. As a cavalry civ, their ideal late game composition is Arbalesters + Obuch + BBC. Having access to Paladins, cheaper gold and missing last armor can make the Cavalry a bit usable.

Note that no change suggested affects the light Cavalry line. If the Hussars feel too strong, the trample damage can be reduced to 25% like Battle Elephants, but it is behind a huge if.

The point is to have 4 unique Paladin civs, which can go Paladins even when missing important upgrades:

  1. Teutons: +2/+0 armor but missing Husbandry. This makes them slightly worse against archers and slightly better in melee.

  2. Lithuanians: missing last attack upgrade, but can have upto +4 from relics. Kinda the least important upgrade, but it makes them unique. The Leitis is another replacement for the Paladin if things get dicey.

  3. Burgundians: missing Bloodlines. Bloodlines is huge for Knights and Cavaliers but meh for Paladins, because Paladins already have +20 HP over Bloodline Cavaliers. The mid game lack is offset by cheap and early access to unit upgrades.

  4. Poles (suggested): last armor upgrade is the most important aspect of Cavalry and heavy infantry units. Giving them Paladins, will make them like Elite Leitis, with -1 armor but +30 HP, along with important restrictions in attack (no boost from relics or armor ignoring effect). The cost will be similar too, that is 60F 50G vs 70F 50G, making them fill similar roles. The armor ignoring effect of Elite Leitis + 2 relics is too strong, which cannot be replicated by any Paladin, so the Stable vs Castle argument should not hold.