Polish victory Steam achievement not triggering

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:point_down: These details are CRITICAL; DO NOT skip them or your issue may not be reviewed. I see everyones Bohemain victory achievement as well as the Polish falwark achievement does trigger but I have had 2 victories with Poland now and I do not receive any steam achievement nor do I see anyone else with that achievement.

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I have the same issue. Steam even shows that I have completed 1/1 games needed to obtain it, but I haven’t actually gotten it yet.

Right click the game on your steam library, then select Properties, select Local Files and Verify Integrity of game files. After the verification process finishes, launch the game again and the achievement will unlock. That being said, there are multiple campaign achievements from the DLC that are bugged and cannot be unlocked at the moment, unfortunately.

This morning upon entering the game the achievement was miraculously achieved. I know not if it was due to the action of the devs or if it was just …delaied but it triggered for me now. Thank you.


The achievement pops after the match for hours. But some people do and some do not.
More or less it’s still a BUG. And FIXING NEEDED!