Polite AI

Nowadays pretty much everyone knows that if you type “gg” against the AI, it will acknowledge it with a special message. After some SP games for the kick and gigles I found out it can actually send a gg itself if you’re just about to win with relics.

I suppose it can do it with wonders too, that’s a pretty nice easter egg.


Only the Extreme AI can send GGs and that sucks.

I fought an Hard Ai and it typed GG back. I have to confirm though.

@CactusSteak2171 It’s the opposite for me though I typed GG’s to the AI. 11

I always play against the moderate AI and I always win.

Good now on you’re way to Hard. Massive difference when you get there.

Promi is such a nice guy that even his AI is nice <3


I did it, I beat the Hard AI. I set the game to Ultra-High Resources, I let it boom up to its late-game power, I even sent it resources and after all that it didn’t send me a GG, not a single GG.

I even got 1200 kills and I didn’t get a GG.

Here’s a recording if you want to see the super ridiculous game, SP Replay v101.101.43210.0 @2021.01.26 010509.aoe2record (12.4 MB).

The AI doesn’t type back GGs.

In my example it was because of a relic victory, did you try this? Congrats on beating the hard AI btw.

Others people got it to work as well

I finally got it to work!

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