Poll: Age 4 infinite unit cards shipment EXP rescaling

So I feel that some of the most underused cards in the game are the infinite unit shipment cards in age 4. Which makes alot of sense - fast paced supremacy games don’t let anyone ###### around for shipments when they each one needs 2500 XP at some point. As such, I wanted to see if how many folks would like to see their usability increased by whatever means.

  • No need for any rework
  • Inf cards need a usability update, but not the given options
  • Capping XP cost of age 4 inf unit cards
  • Replacing the XP cost with food/wood/coin altogether
  • Make the unit given by the card train in relevant building via age up

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The first two options are straight forward but to explain the other three for a bit;

Capping the XP cost of inf unit cards means that while the other card shipments still get more expensive, these ones wont cost more than w/e is a balanced amount of XP (e.g 900 XP per shipment). The idea here is to make the cards better without touching the XP generation overall.

The next step is more like giving a basilica to every civ that doesn’t have it so the exp becomes a moot point - the inf card unit take normal res to send and is independent of XP altogether.

Some age up politicians/alliances let you train otherwise new kinds of mercenary units - add in a and age up option that lets you train the inf units in the card out of relevant budlings.

And whatever else yall come up with.

I would use the cards more if they would arrive faster. Having the population space tied up in one of those cards waiting forever for it to arrive is a waste in late game formats like treaty.

Yea true, a solid minute is pretty rough.

They are for treaty in 99% of cases.

And while there are alot of inf cards sent in treaty games, its mostly about sending heavy artillery (and equivalents) every now and again - you dont see hauds using the inf goons alot, any of the inf natives.

Besides that, I dont see a reason they should be excluded from supremacy/deathmatch just cuz they only kinda function in treaty.

the reason they are not used is that there are better alternatives if you want to maximise bang for your card slot in an attempt to win the game, which is what people try to do in supremacy.

for example, 3 rockets is preferable to infinite 2 rockets if you think you can finish off the opponent with 3 rather then 2 and you can always go to imp to get it again.

for civs where this isn’t the option like china infinite shipments are perfectly fine, infinte 2 flying crow is in most decks

its more about game meta, if the game gets even more grindy, then more infinite shipments will come into vouge

Or you remove the none infinte shipments


Poker (which arrives fast) is actually awesome.

The others… eh.