Poll: Amount of Unique Units per civ

Should current civilizations that have one unique unit get a additional unique unit?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends on the civilization

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Amount of unique unit(s) for civilizations added with new a DLC

  • 1
  • 2
  • More than 2
  • Depends on the civilization

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What if you had to choose between two unique units that differ slightly in certain ways, but from that time on you can only use the one that you have chosen. Just thinking today about that one, that would give it a new dimension, something to choose between. It also gives another tactical switch opportunity.

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It is an interesting idea but I am not sure if I fully understand it at least in regards to the current civilizations. Could you maybe give me an example on how your idea would work with Indians for instance.

Well. The UU is available at castle age. The castle shows 2 UU’s by default and when you click on one the other will be automatically disabled for use. What kind of unit to choose between would depend on the civ. You could add a bit more asymmetry into the civ designs this way too, like a choice between a more defensive (slow and tanky) or aggressive (faster but less health). With the Indians the choice could be between a slow and tanky EA or you could choose for e.g. Bombard Camels who are not so strong as EA’s of course. So it gives you some more choices in regard to the composition. You could even make the not chosen UU available again at imperial.

Such a mechanic would be impossible to balance.

Nothing is impossible to balance. And you don’t add the why or any other logic. It’s not necessary a suggestion for this version. The concept can bring more element of surprise which balances out later again. And I talk about slight differences but noticeable of course. The choice could also be based in regard to tactics or by (lack of) resource availability. On the other hand I could e.g. agree on that boomers would have a bit too much advantage of both units being available to them.


I also think it would be better if all civ have two UU to represent from their historical army to make more strategical choice. But, it need also care about balance and I doubt devs will do such a thing.

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You could also unlock things based on the moment the first player in the game hits imp. But for AOE2 DE the current unit roster is fine already I think. UU’s are complementary to the game play except for certain civs where you may need as much of them as possible.

You have already answered this question.uus are complementary units.
If balance was that easy why are we getting monthly buffs and nerfs?

Because balancing is always a continues thing, like balancing on a rope is too. You’ll constantly need to correct your own balance before you might fall. You see the same with empires btw. It doesn’t mean or say that it is impossible, unless you are stuck in one kind of movement.