Poll: Best Infrantry UU

Decide which is the best, some of them got a buff recently:

  • Condottiero
  • Obuch
  • Flemish Militia
  • Serjeant
  • Karambit Warrior
  • Gbeto
  • Shotel Warrior
  • Kamayuk
  • Jaguar Warrior
  • Berserk
  • Teutonic Knight
  • Samurai
  • Huskarl
  • Throwing Axeman
  • Woad Raider

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Obuch, no contest imho.


Everything dies to a mass Kamayuk swarm! Get 100 of them on one tile and not even Teutonic Knights will kill them. :smiling_imp:

Check the 4v4 Queens Showmatch and see how insane the Kamayuks are:)

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Most of the infantry uu are useless.

Best? obuch.

Fav? Kamayuks

Depends on the situation.

Kamayuks are stronger, but Obuch are easier to mass.

samurai are cool, they are so strong that you basically never have to produce them. the mere fact they exist stops your opponents from making any melee UU in most situations (given you have castles)

Imo Huskarl is the best because it helps Goths to deal with archer civs and as the Poles u can go cavalry.

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I just didn’t even look through the options, just clicked Obuch instantly.


Obuch is OP, but my favorite is the Gbeto, followed by the shotel warrior.

The Throwing Axeman is simply amazing. Yes, Kamayuks are marvels.

Imo it’s berserk. More difficult to get to than something like obuch but once you can field large numbers with all upgrades this unit doesn’t have much counters. Beats most melee units and is pretty fast (which is the main drawback of the otherwise great kamayuk) so even wirh archers it’s not that easy to counter them (at least on open maps).

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Which game? 20 characters

I vote Zerk. It is an all-rounded units when getting all upgrades and partially fill the role of power units, which vikings lack in late game.

Samurai and woad raiders deserve some love as japanese and celt champions seems better in most cases.

I think it’s the recent Age of Queens video on LilTrouble’s Twitch. Nodscouter was Incas on Arena. Twitch

Though if not, I’d like a link too! Always happy to see Kamayuks destroy, I play enough of BF to know how scary they can be haha.

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@PilgrimHYR @Nerathion

I found one


But it’s important to mentio that this only applies to elite kamayukt with fabric shields.
Huskarls are strong from the getko.