Poll - Can you beat the extreme AI?

“I don’t play matchmaking” is also 1000 elo, so that’s additive to that, but yeah, the number should be higher. Sampling bias be like that.

Rule number 1 of poling. Never trust a poll completely. People are biased.

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Do I have to have an enhanced account for that? When I click the cog it does nothing. The only option is “hide details” which puts in some text in the message but nothing about polls

I think it’s awarded after some duration of time on the forums as an anti-spam measure.

At some point a bot will message you with an interactable conversation which’ll teach you all the stuff. You may very well not have all the options now, I don’t know.


To be honest, the extreme AI is the best AI I have ever played against. Sure it is vulnerable against early agression, but late game it can produce unit non stop. The best, is that it doesn’t have huge bonus like most AI in strategy games.

Best part is that the theoretical cealing for the ai is still so much higher than its current level, especially in the very early game. A cautious gues would be that the DE AI is currently in the low 900’s on 1v1 arabia and could definatly get to 1200 and probably much higher :slight_smile: Feel free to check out the aiscripters forum on https://forums.aiscripters.com/ or our discord channel if you wanna try other ai’s

There’s no chance the Extreme AI is under 1k. I’ll rag on it a ton for being generally bad in whatever situation you put it in but it’s solid even if underachieving. Mr. “Austrailian AOE 3 player” has shown you really don’t need to be very good in terms of tactics or execution to beat the average player, and while I wouldn’t be surprised if he could beat the Extreme AI, it’d put up a lot more of a fight than most of his placement match opponents.

I ran my poll on aoezone. Not a single player above 1K lost to it

Would you consider posting my actual poll since I still havent been granted the option? :slight_smile:

How many options can a poll have on this forum?

AOEzone is not the average player. Practically everyone who uses the AOEzone forums came from Voobly, and Voobly practically consisted of only players who were very solid, since setting up Voobly back in HD days was more work than the casual crowd was willing to put in.

It’s generally been understood that the AOEzone crowd (formerly voobly crowd) was significantly higher level on average than the Steam playerbase and that largely holds true today.

I can, sure. I’ll scrap those two polls and replace it.

don’t bloat the forums I’ll PM you.

Never trust some polls. Some are scientific.

The Barbarian AI would be the best i have ever seen. I also think its level is much higher then the current AI.

There, the poll is updated so the OP will maybe be more happy with it’s layout. OP should edit the thread title so as to make it known that the poll is (updated!)

i beat extreme AI with Turks against Teutons only losing 1 unit not joking can give proof.Elo:1v1 ranked elo arround 1.6k

Drush FC as Tatars in Arabia=Extreme AI end

It does not seem like there is an option to change the thread title. Maybe this also requires a prolonged account?

*Edit it appears I can only edit posts from the last 24 hours. However i now finally got the abilty to make a poll so I will just make a new topic instead.

sounds fine, link it and I will stop being a pollster.

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It would be very appreciated if the people who read this original thread would answer the updated poll on this link :slight_smile:

Extreme AI is indeed the toughest opponent I’ve faced on AOE2. I am unranked, just play for fun. I’ve been trying for a few weeks beat Extreme AI and I can’t. I can beat Hardest consistently, like 90% of the time, only lose if I go to weird strategies. But Extreme? No Way… My Drush su*** I guess I need to practice it.

Update: Just tried a real trush for the first time with Koreans and I won! Finally o/
I know it was exploring one of the AI weaknesses, feels good nonetheless. Previously I was trying to survive through late game, however their perfect micro outplays me.

The extreme AI isnt that good once you learn the basic strategies used in multiplayer. The average ranked player should easily beat the extreme AI.