(Poll) Civ unique architecture

Here is my idea for civ architecture.
You have your generic regional architecture, each civ gets a generic regional architecture (i.e. Central Europe, South East Asia, ect)
Then each civ within that regional architecture has little deviations according to their architecture irl. This way it gives every civ a slightly unique architecture but remain similar to other civ architectures in their region. It would cut down on time required to make the architecture and wouldn’t mess with people’s minds too much

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Yes I agree with this idea. More unique stuff is always good.

But for being realistic if they are introducing new unique castles, then they should do it for all the older civs as well. Feels inconsistent when one has it, and another doesn’t.

All civs deserve special unique castles treatment not just the DLC civs. Every civ should have unique castle.




That’s a clever trick for breaking the character limit, just so you know it’s what’s in the box that counts not the preview window so you can put hundreds of periods or question marks and the preview window will only show three.

What? I just made a poll, what clever trick?
Oh, nevermind

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Sounds like a lot of work for not that much benefit. I just don’t know if people would be willing to pay extra $ for it to be included in a future DLC.

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It actually isn’t a lot of work. Little deviations to architecture would not require that much money or time, so it is a win win for all of us. An extra 5 dollars on the next DLC for this would quickly add up, perhaps even doubling or tripling the money and time worth that they spent on it

Making it unique when there’s 36 civs (I suppose Indians are already unique, since no one else uses their design) sounds like a lot of work, even if the changes for each individual civ is ‘not that much’, that’s a lot of work when you add it all up.

I think it would be reasonable to maybe hope for unique castle designs, but going for the whole architecture set… I think that’s probably too much.

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This annoys me, are you even reading what I said? LITTLE DEVIATIONS, not BIG ones.

So you didn’t read anything I said. You people…

little deviations is a broad term… I interpreted it as little deviations on the whole architecture of each civ, so making each building look slightly different. Yes, I did read it.

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Yes, that won’t take much time and money compared to the giveback they would stand to gain.

Obviously you didn’t or we wouldn’t be having this conversation

I obviously did, which is why we are having this conversation. What’s with people being so salty on these forums these days?

When someone is being ignorant, I do get annoyed.
You say it will take too long for 36 civs. So yo obviously did not read my posts, or at least not thoroughly enough. The reason for this is because you interpreted me saying that the entire architecture set needs to be unique, which is not true. Here is what I said.

Each civ has their regional architecture right now. Simple.

Not major changes, slight deviations in the architecture, whether that be roofs, windows, doors, ect. Doesn’t have to be a big change, just a few slight changes to make it unique. Not unique as in completely different architecture, it still needs to look like the generic architecture so as not to confuse long time players.

It would not take long to make these changes, less time than it takes to make a new DLC.

There was nothing ignorant about it. You just got salty about someone not completely understanding your post due to it being able to be interpreted in different ways than you may have intended. Big difference. Anyway, I’m out, don’t need this negative atmosphere. Peace out


When you say changes my mind went to individual houses, monastery, university, and military builds. Seems like a lot to change

What do you think takes longer? Making a whole new civ or making new architecture? Personally, I would think the civ takes longer as you have to make the UU, balance it, give it bonuses, UT, ect. If I was asking for them to completely revamp every civ’s architecture to make them all completely unique, than yeah, I’d be crazy. But I’m not, little changes to the roof, doors, windows, that won’t take very long since you have a base build to keep it to.

In this matter, I personally want TC and Castle to have their own architecture set per civ. The others may be unified though.

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Yes, at least TC, Monastery, Castle and, of course, Wonder, should be unique for each civ.
I would like to see a similar treatment in generic units

Me personally would love unique castles, regional units (just use the scenario editor units and heroes) and monastery. I like the mods but some haven’ t been updated in ages and they crash so something official is nice because it’ll update along with the dlc. Like I’ve said before I’ll pay 15 or whatever since most game trailers I’ve seen have disappointed me so I have some money saved up and would rather give it to a game I play.

There’s no need to make every building unique, I think a unique castle for each civ is enough.