[Poll] Do you think it's the end of new civ DLCs?

They’ve runned out of colours when it comes to the campaign and the civ selection screen is 5x9 in a perfect square. It worries me a bit if you ask me that TMR is going to be the last civ addon.

Do you think it’s the end of new civ addons?
  • Yes
  • No
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5 civis still lack campaigns so there is potential for more.Lets not forget three more slots remain in the data file still.

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Much has been made about running out of campaign colors, but I don’t think that’s relevant at all - there’s still plenty of room on some of the maps for adjacent civs, and one of the 3 (!) European tabs could be consolidated. Or they could literally just add another color. Trying to make this or the civ grid appear as a constraint reminds me of the old discussion about the supposedly hardcoded “civ limit,” which was just a text file. If they want to add more civs, they’re going to add more civs, and accommodate this minor UI issue.

But you may be on to something. Some people act as if civs will be added until the end of time, but there has to be a stopping point eventually. And we’re at the end of the Road Map, which at least means that there is no active promise of new civs. Furthermore, the way they’ve been adding bonuses to old civs and designing the latest DLC civs with a lot of unique features makes me think they’re not especially worried about saving bonuses for future civs.

Obviously I don’t know, but I have to acknowledge the distinct possibility that we are at or near the end of new civs being added. I want more civs myself, and I think there’s a good chance of FE responding to the still fairly high demand for new civs. But the point is, none of this is assured or to be taken for granted.



Also, I think they could just put diferent campaign DLCs in the same tab

Civs will stop being added when (if) people stop asking for them or buying DLC with new civs.

They can be presented in any way. Can’t even imagine how you run out of colors.

But I do believe there will be some sort of cool down. Maybe they stop releasing DLC for a year or two and focus on minor improvements and rebalance. Minor novelties like they did adding Lancers to Mongols or even reworking an old civ like they did with the Persians.

From a marketing standpoint, they will keep players interested with new features while making people longing for the next big product. Scarcity increases demand.

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I certainly will hope that this is not the end of new DLCs. They can always add another row to the grid, after all - 5x9 is not a ‘perfect square’, it’s just a rectangle. That means there’s potential for 9 new civs for a more ‘perfect’ looking square.

The campaign menus can be fixed with a simple ‘go to next page’ considering it’s styled after a book anyway. Having two ‘bookmarks’ in the book be named after Western Europe and Eastern Europe is silly and obnoxious anyway. You can put them under Europe and just show them being locked out if you don’t have the DLCs.


That was also the case when DE was released, so I wouldn’t worry.

I think this game will definitely have more civs in the future.


Thank you for your African campaign map screen.

But now a question, do you have not completed any of the 5 African campaigns? Not even the Standard version with the Bronze symbol checkmark? The African campaigns have been running for almost 4 years… You constantly want new African and other exotic civs in the game and post that all the time here, that does not at all fit together^^ :stuck_out_tongue:

I think, that if you are talking constantly about a game like this in the forum and this since years, you should have played it yourself, otherwise you will not have the experience to debate it properly at least from a technical point of view.

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NO and never will. Ask this “Where has the income source been coming from?”

People keep asking for civs, for campaigns. They buy and enjoy it regardless of complaining how bad marketing and overpricing. Also, the live-streamers, influence men, will market for it. This I understand, we love the game and are willing to support it as much as possible, yet again I must say their work on the latest 2 dlcs is not worthy.

I don’t mind no dlc in 5 yrs, even 7 yrs. C’mon guys at this point no other RTS can match AoE 2 in term of vast campaigns. Take a break from it. Try something new, like doing a livestream and suggest a regional unit skin pack to seek the community’s idea, or something else idk. :roll_eyes:


He doesnt like to play campaigns

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Well the Campaigns are the piece of heart of the game, what always defines a realtime strategy game. Every player knows that too.

A lot of people disagree, and prefer to play competitive, diplo, etc

Im more of a campaign guy but I know and understand other perspectices and criticizing someone for not playing campaigns is silly


I see it differently. Campaigns show players a certain level of competition, how the player is able to find his way around the game. Playing campaigns means identifying with the game, being a real fan. It also means thanking the developers for the hard work, they did on it.

I don’t like playing the campaigns. Any of the campaign screens I have are empty if you want to know. Not a single checkmark on any of them. The only campaign I (re)played was William Wallace in its entirety and the first Barbarossa mission because of nostalgia. Was one of the missions I replayed a lot when I was little. Pretty colours and fun mission design.

Maybe I should replay them, I don’t know. Don’t really feel the urgency to do so. And if you’re asking, no I didn’t play any of the new civ campaigns either.

I’m playing almost exclusively SP skirmish if you’re asking.

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Well, that’s like your opinion, no offense.

So I can only advise you, to play at least some of the scenarios from the campaigns, they makes really fun. I also appreciate, that I can play against unique civs units here.

Of course yes :wink:

Yes I think it is the end of DLCs.

I wouldn’t mind more DLC’s adding content to ROR

I think you’re wrong. I think they’ll continue as long as they keep making money, which they will, because I’ll buy each and every one.


AOE2 is my favourite and most played game on Steam and unlike some other players here suggesting new civs, I’ve actually played with all the civs.

I might be not a campaign enthusiast like you are, but arguing that I can’t debate it properly is kind of silly.

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