[POLL] Do you think the graphics in AoE IV affected its playerbase?

So after more than 6 months from release. Long past were the graphical discussions of this game. Where the game was supposedly done with the playerbase in mind.

  • A: Stylized graphics and simpler animations with not much detail would have less PC requirements.
  • B: More people have less powerfull PCs than the other way around.
  • C: More players will play the game.

Here you can see Steam Age of Empires IV playerbase: https://steamdb.info/app/1466860/graphs/
With an all time peak of 74k at launch. And as of today an averge of 7-8k daily players (with peaks of 10-12k on weekends).

How do you think the graphics and animations affected AoE IV’s playerbase?

  • Good. The game would have less players if it asked for more PC specs.
  • Bad. The game would have more players if the graphics and animations were more realistic.
  • Graphics and animations didn’t affect playerbase. It would be the same. It’s more about gameplay, QoL features and content.

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