[Poll] Do you think there can be new Chinese civs as a new DLC in the future?

Like we already saw that the Indians became the Hindustanis, Gurjaras, Dravidians, and Bengalis, would it be likely that the Chinese becomes the Hans, Jurchens (or Tungus), and Tanguts (or Qiangs), or and additionally the Bai (both for the Nan Zhao and Dali Kingdom)?

There’re already discussions about possible African civs here, but I didn’t see about possible Chinese civs.

“China” itself is the name of a country today, but historically speaking, it was more like the term “India”, “Europe”, or “Arabia (=Arab)” as an umbrella term for a cultural sphere.

So, I want to see how people think.

You can choose at most 3 civs below or just choose the final option, “none of them are likely” if you consider adding any of them is risky.

  • The Jurchens (or Tungus)
  • The Tanguts (or Qiangs)
  • The Tibetans/Tufans
  • The Bais (for Nan Zhao & Dali)
  • The Khitais/Khitans
  • None of them are likely

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Can there be a new Chinese civ? Probably yes.
Do we need a new Chinese civ (or new civs on general)? Probably not.

Chinese dont need to be renamed to han they are perfectly fine.Tibet Juchen Khitans can be added as they are none chinese who come under the current china geopolitical entity.


I voted Jurchens and Tibetans, but I’d like Thais and another Indonesian too, maybe Javanese or Moluccans (check the Ternate Sultanate).

Nothing suggests that the Bai were the ruling elites of the Nanzhao and Dali kingdoms. And moreover Bai is the name of a modern ethnic group so it might run into the same problems as Tibetans and Uyghurs. It’s better to name the civ as Dians or Zangkes for historical accuracy and to avoid any unnecessary problems.

Back to topic, these are the East and SE Asian civs that I like to see in future DLCs:

East Asia: Gokturks, Jurchens, Tanguts, Ryukyuans, and Dians/Zangkes

SE Asia: Chams, Siamese, possibly Visayans and Moluccans as well if we have enough space

These peoples are NOT Chinese, they have nothing to do with historical China (AoE is not about 2022). So please DON’T call Tibet Chinese… thank you :handshake: