Poll: Do you want a fixed water map in TG?

Hi everyone. After bad receiving feom the comunity, I’ve decided to create a new poll, simpler. Question is what the title say.

  • Yes, I want a fixed water/hybrid map on the mappool
  • No, I don’t want a fixed water/hybrid map on the map pool

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Hope this poll is bettet than last one. And hope everyone’s vote. Thanks

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I like 1v1 water maps much more but teamgame water maps are also nice

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I like both, more TG. But the thing is we never get a tg water map, ehile there’s usually one in 1v1

I think, if votes were allowed to carry over between different map cycle polls, there would be some water maps in the TG pool some of the time.

Do you think the water map would actually get played? I’d almost expect someone to block it most games.

If they fixed water balance it could actually be my favourite map and I think many other people would try playing

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A water map is practically infinite and can go on for extended hours if the other player is too stubborn to accept loss.

You need only 1 water-hater out of 2n players to get the water map blocked though.

It is not true. At least not true at my skill level.
I play various maps and I don’t feel water/hybrid maps takes more time than land maps.

Sometimes even Arabia take more than a hour.
And usually close land maps like BF, Hideout and Arena take longest time.

Investing heavly in battle ships is not the only tactic on pure water map. You can also transport land units early.

From my observation, the most common situation on hybrid/water map is the battles happen on land and sea simultaneously. And the battle start at Feudal age just like open land maps.

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Yes. Seriously if the devs don’t want to take action on the map dodgers why not just give another full random map queue? Is there a technical problem to have another queue?

With preferred map button 80% games are Arabia or Arena. So what is the point of having a map pool now? I don’t understand.

No ones hating anything.
But you might not have seen people exploiting conditions in Islands 1v1. You go on to win the castle age naval war, then transport your units onto his island and by the time you are finished destroying his base, he on some other island or even yours, spawning again.

A good player will call GG at the loss of naval war, but an extremely irritating player will hide anywhere on the islands or corners of water. It can go on forever.

Baltic is okay.

Every maps is technically infinite in TG, with trade. Oasis and Arena are, by far, the mostly-infinite matchesz with double layer of walls, and infinite wood. In isladsz wood runs out faster. Way faster


80% is far from 100%. I’m on of the players who likes to play on different maps to adapt my playstyle to each map, instead of playing the same map always.

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I’m okay with hybrid maps but maps like Migration (which should be its own game mode), Islands, or Bog Swamp are played sooo differently that I wouldn’t want it in the map pool all the time. And if it was, I’d try my best to ban it.

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Well, Bog Islands, personally I love it, but I don’t like migration. Anyway, those maps are not included in what I would consider standard whater/hybrid maps when I made the poll. I meant something like team islands, baltic, Mediterranean…and, sorry, but islands also enter in this idea of default water maps :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! I think Team Islands should be fixed in TG. There’s a lot of people that enjoys water maps, and should be able to play them in rakend TG

There should be at least 3 hybrid maps and at least 1 water map in the pool.

Unpin BF and Arena to release two more slots for other maps.